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Two Week Quiz A. This means, not copulating with death but coping with life, and this, in turn, means facing the crises and paradoxes of existence and making hard decisions on questions of right and wrong” A Portrait of Maurice Sendak. Aaron “had always loved Zlateh, but now she was like a sister. Belonging and security are two themes in these stories.

Stories of a Boy Growing up in Warsaw , which was published under the pseudonym Isaac Warshofsky, won the National Book Award for children’s literature in The drafts are concrete documentation of a creative process that word processing has rendered quaint. Modern Language Association http: When the van has gone, Joris’s mother finds the baby that Mrs. Aaron and Zlateh settle in to wait out the blizzard. He tunnels a way in for him and Zlateh and, during the three days they share there, they converse in their own way as Zlateh eats the hay and Aaron drinks her milk. It arrives unexpectedly, delivering a hailstorm out of season.

If not, how does it work in the stories; that is, what purpose does fantasy serve? Mid-Book Voat – Medium. Aaron, knowing the serious situation that they are in, is hardly even able to “admit the danger” that he and Zlateh face.

The storm blocks out the sunlight, and the hail turns into snow. Singer’s father, Pinchos Menachem, was a rabbi, and his mother, Bathsheba Zylberman Singer, was the daughter of a rabbi.

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In my family, of course, my brother had gone first, and I went after him. View all Lesson Plans available from BookRags. Without her, “Zlateh the Goat,” Singer’s first venture for children, would never have come into existence. His personal memories of Pinocchio suggest that the fantasy provided him an alternative ending for his family’s reality.


Reuven agrees to sell the goat to Feivel, but the butcher never receives Zlateh, as she and Aaron are trapped in a snowstorm on the way from their village to the town. Archived November 13,at the Wayback Machine Retrieved Although she protests at the thickening snow, thee becomes immediately “contented” once Aaron makes them a nest in the haystack.

Groen had zlsteh in the bushes, takes it home with her, and raises the little girl as her thhe child.

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Eight Week Quiz B. On the night when the storm ends, as Aaron waits for morning so that he and Zlateh can return to the village, the world is “all white, quiet, dreaming dreams of heavenly splendor. Jewish characters, whatever the author’s private intention, were not explicitly identified as “Jewish,” which meant that as far as most young readers were concerned, they might as well not be Jewish at all.

They often starved or were sick. Aside from Zlateh, only Aaron’s thoughts and feelings are acknowledged by the narrator. Furthermore, the title of the story may indicate that Aaron is not the protagonist. The couple did not have any children. But I feel that the cosmos cannot be all evil, that the creator of all these galaxies could not just be an ice cold sadist who plays around with little creatures.

Singer has often depicted himself in his memoirs as a child who listened carefully and consciously to the ways in which people told their stories.


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This enables Reuven to make enough money to buy his family’s necessities. Singer, the grandson and son of rabbis, escaped Poland, and while he saw the world skeptically, he believed in God’s goodness.

zlateh the goat essay topics

Oddly enough, however, there was one thing Elizabeth Shub could not do; she could not read Isaac Singer’s handwriting. Four years later, Singer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

zlateh the goat essay topics

Short Answer Questions Key. The story is ostensibly about a young boy who, due to circumstance, must take the beloved family goat to the butcher, but the boy and the goat are lost in a blizzard on their way there. Perhaps once could argue that they love her more because they depend on her for milk and income. But my friend, Elizabeth Shub, who was then an editor of juvenile books at Harper, had different ideas.

I had heard about the cruelties perpetrated by Chmielnicki’s Cossacks. He never felt that the manuscripts he brought over were just as they had to be. They held few hopes that their relatives would ttopics help to flee Nazi persecution. Within the books, magazines and newspapers being published, Sendak’s ethnic world was being negatively discussed as a replication of “the life which the Jews had led in eastern Europe” Hendrick She is credited with knowing how humans treat her.