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Fraternity and sorority houses are owned by the university and are clean and well-maintained. Doing so will ensure receipt of all student information by mid-February. Its academic reputation, small size, and pure beauty attract an increasing number of applicants with increasingly stronger credentials. Be the first to share your video to thousands of people! What is the average SAT score on the first time? One former student admits: A past president joked that, although he preferred classical music, he could not help becoming familiar with the musical tastes of each freshman class.

Applicants must submit the Common Application www. Please submit an updated transcript and any relevant updates. Doing so may increase the total amount of aid a student may be awarded. Professors keep long office hours so that they can meet with students outside of class. If you do not have any contact with your noncustodial parent, then you may submit a request to waive the requirement of their financial information. Within your major, every professor knows you and begs you to take their classes.

johneon It includes transcript forms, two teacher recommendation forms, and guidelines for the submission of supplemental information including an essay. Many Washington and Lee students also choose to participate in varsity sports. To be considered for any form of merit-based aid, students must complete the Johnson Scholarship application and submit it, along with their complete admission application, by December 1.

Signed, with all schedules, attachments, W-2 forms and other earning statements. Within your major, every professor knows you and begs you to take their classes.


Of course, every member of Generation X does not have a skateboard and a navel ring. One former student admits: Since professors trust that cheating will not occur, students take unproctored tests and exams. Like most humor, this cartoon evokes a great deal of truth by use of stereotypes. A slim eight percent either were seeking employment or were content taking time off after graduation. It is possible that every student in an English class could take the ww&l exam in a different place at a different time; students are trusted not to discuss the content of their exams with their classmates.

These students complete an additional essay and submit their applications by December One politics major notes: These freedoms extend beyond the classroom as well.

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There is a sense of familiarity and camaraderie. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Add a video … Related and Contributed Videos There aren’t any videos for this school. Scholarsihp select “Early Decision” as your admission application type.

w&l johnson scholarship essay

Students form state delegations and spend countless hours in research. Washington and Lee University Rating: Confident in the Honor System, students leave texts and notebooks in their carrels for the entire school year. Those century-old innovations are now traditions that make Washington and Lee the fine liberal arts institution it is today.

Of the graduates who decided to pursue advanced degrees, thirty-nine percent entered general graduate schools, thirty-six percent entered law school, and twenty-three percent entered graduate studies in the health professions. Sophomores live on campus, too, in upperclass dorms and apartments, fraternity houses, and separate residences for groups such as the Outing Club, International Club, and Spanish Club.


Students and faculty benefit from a focused learning environment that allows them to devote undivided attention to the subject matter of one course.

w&l johnson scholarship essay

Most students meet these requirements by the end of their sophomore year. Students quickly learn that no skill proves more valuable than the ability to write clearly and johnsob professors expect nothing less. What SAT score required to get scholarships in Harvard?

Millions of feet have kept that tradition.

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The year saw the inaugural season scholaship Wilson Hall, the new music and art facility. Its students enjoy small, intimate classes that are never taught by a graduate student or a teaching assistant. There is a continuity from the top of the administration to the bottom of the student body, and this continuity permeates the entire university. Superstition holds that freshmen must walk up this step, between the columns, or risk failing their first test.

The two schools add much to the town through their cultural and athletic programs as well. Add an image … Contributed Photos. These enrolling students achieved remarkable scores on their standardized tests. Scholaarship politics major notes:.