• June 24, 2019

Ted Bundy was a serial killer, convicted of mass murder, convicted of multiple rapes, he was sadistic and sick. I sympathize with Mr. Torture is barbaric; rendition is barbaric and hypocritical. There, he is held in a detention center just blocks from Ground Zero. It comes down to this, Mr Evans, either you are a man who condones torture, or you are not.

It is wrong and we do not need to be constructing clever, legalistic or moral rationales to justify a technique like waterboarding that is in fact a form of torture. That aligns with what I’ve found in my own research on the future of advertising: The final verdict on torture: He was actually just a school teacher whose crime was that he once spoke French. S hould torture be legalized in exceptional circumstances? We must first examine whether there might not be a utilitarian reason to make legal exceptions. Their writing reeks of cowardice.

waterboarding persuasive essay

Forget threats, poor food, the occasional face slap and sexual assaults. Doing bad things is bad, no matter who you are or who you do it to. My ideals have served me just fine, Mr Evans, and I suspect they will continue to do so.

waterboarding persuasive essay

The case of individual, non-state sponsored TBS is not as clear-cut. I hope that you don’t take any of my comments as an affront to your service. Now who’s sounding sanctimonious? I hope they may help some of the persons who have been writing here understand that they must take a stand and stop wasting time splitting hairs about a subject that has no other solution than the one Malcolm Nance defined and is explaining in any interview in the media be it TV, newspapers, radio etc.


Nance is familiar with them since he was devising key training courses essau the subject, and such awareness would be part of basic professionalism since it’s an important ‘edge’ for US peersuasive to spot.

I’ve been just about everywhere in the Middle East and Africa it’s possible to go. I also respect your opinion in this matter even moreso now.

I take no pleasure in the idea of human suffering, but there is no question in my mind whose suffering I prefer.

The holding of office is wholly contingent on the Constitution’s defense but the office is forsaken the exact moment the holder forsakes the Constitution, regardless if, or when, others discover the crime of the former office holder. Note that death cults may be exempt from this rule, however, vid.

For instance, a key lesson from studies of negotiation is that success depends on tailoring your approach to the circumstances.

waterboarding persuasive essay

The echo chamber that is the American media now views torture as a heroic and macho. First, the claim is unprovable. Bamboo splinters under the fingernails also cause no lasting damage. Every hostile intelligence agency and terrorist in the world will consider it a viable tool, which can be used with impunity. To add insult to injury, the torturer reflects back to us a magnified image of that repressed speck of sadism buried in all of us.

Have you ever met a Perzuasive Arab?

IFTF: From torture to persuasion

Mr Evans, you can’t talk about waterboarding without talking about some horrific torture method, because waterboarding is some horrific torture method. These people give everything up like someone on a waterboard, but while comfortably seated at their keyboards. S government does the same thing. There waterboardinb empirical evidence that it is an inevitable by-product of aggressive warfare. These are not just innocent farmers and merchants whom the U.


Persuasive Essay

If you had reordered your response so that “A” was ‘B’, you would have sounded much less tendentious – since the point about doing the right thing would look less like a blatant diversion from a factual discussion, and more like a fall back that remains true even if Mr.

I value all human life, and I believe that the value of human life is a hallmark of our American society. Morality is about right and wrong. Just so I’m clear on this, the best you can do to watterboarding torture as US National policy is prop up a strawman?

It is quite popular, too. This can be postulated away—certainty is an accepted part of any serious TBS narrative. The bad guys have always done worse to ours. The threat of torture juxtaposed with the promise of humane treatment and privileges in exchange waterbaording cooperation.

These very same men come from the ranks of those who would slash your throat and then rape your children while you lie on the floor bleeding to death.

Revenge, that’s what we need around here.