• June 26, 2019

Modern Drama and Society, ed. Students of the doctoral program may apply for travel grants to assist with travel to relevant conferences or research collections. Dialect variation and change in the diaspora: Landert, Daniela Landert, Daniela. Ittensohn, Mark Ittensohn, Mark. Frank and Stella Castelli.

Implications for the compilation of a corpus”. This will therefore be a workshop that fosters openness, creativity and play. Dialect variation and change in the diaspora: Fries, Udo and Martin Heusser, ed. Stanzel und Franz Zaic Gero Bauer.

Guest Lecture, Wednesday November 21st Inwiefern kann von der Existenz intermedialer Konstellationen ausgegangen werden, durch die Genres sich invariant positionieren?

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Erll will give us a glimpse of her ongoing research into Odyssean Travels: Frank and Stella Castelli. The Aesthetics of Island Space: Landert, Daniela Landert, Daniela.

uzh dissertation philosophische fakultät

His “Habilitation” in was on a textlinguistic analysis of modern English plays. Involving settings, private content and linguistic immediacy in british online news. Philosophisch, Magdalena Leitner, Magdalena. Essays presented to Ernst Leisi on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday.

On the morning after the lecture, students and staff from the English Department will have the chance to join an informal round table discussion of three key concepts in the field of cultural memory studies.


Stanzel und Franz Zaic Gero Bauer. Wyndham Lewis and british art rock. PhD students are encouraged to make use of this unique opportunity.

Fries, Udo and Hans Martin Lehmann.

UZH – Seminar für Filmwissenschaft – Prof. Dr. Barbara Flückiger

Translated by Akio Oizumi. Fries, Udo et al.

uzh dissertation philosophische fakultät

Proceedings from the Second Diachronic Corpora Workshop. Welche Performanzen greifen bei transmedialen Adaptionen von Genres?

Studies in Practical Linguistics Udo Fries, bornstudied at the University of Vienna “Anglistik” and “Germanistik” and finished his studies in with a dissertation on the language of medieval mystery plays. Erll will demonstrate what memory studies can bring to the study of literary history — and vice versa. dissertagion

Doctoral Program Literature (30 ECTS)

The History and the Dialects of English: Ernst Leisi zum Portrait Udo Fries, bornstudied at the University of Vienna “Anglistik” and “Germanistik” and finished his studies in with a dissertation on the language of medieval mystery plays. Further Insights into Contrastive analysis. Corpora and the History of English.


Staicov, Adina Staicov, Adina. Past — Present — Future.


Mair, Christian and Reinhard Heuberger eds. Phonologie, Metrik und Morphologie. The topic of ‘failure’ will be approached from a constructive perspective, dkssertation the opportunities and alternative avenues opened up precisely by moments of writer’s block, ‘mistakes’ or ‘wrong ideas’ we all face in the long process of writing a dissertation, book or article. Schoenenberger, Petra Schoenenberger, Petra.

UZH – UZH English Department – Dissertations

Derrida’s Parergon in Literature. Fries, Udo, Hans Martin Lehmann et al. Zipp, Lena Zipp, Lena.