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Mixing genres with wild abandon, Casablanca has become a cult film precisely because, as Umberto Eco suggests, ‘it is not one movie. What then is the fascination of Casablanca? At this point the Trick is an Evil one but later it will be a Good one, providing a way to the Magic Key for the Bulgarian bride. Science Logic and Mathematics. Arrest and tentative escape of Ugarte. Which elements, in a movie, can be separated from the whole and adored for themselves?

The city is the setting for a Passage, the passage to the Promised Land or a Northwest Passage if you like. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But Casablanca is not satisfied with that. The Shape of Bedford Books, pp. These unhappy loves are arranged in a triangle. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy jstor.

Flashback as a content and flashback as a form. But that day will come. Laszlo flies directly to Paradise because he has already suffered the ordeal of the underground.

Umberto Eco, “Casablanca”: Cult Movies and Intertextual Collage – PhilPapers

Thus in this case we witness an instance of metacult, or of cult about cult — a Cult Culture. Borrowings to Create Anew: In any case, as in Rousseau’s Confessions, the woman places herself as Intermediary between the two men.

Victor plays a double role, as an agent of ambiguity in the love story, and an agent of clarity in the political intrigue– he is Beauty against the Nazi Beast. This theme of Civilization against Barbarism becomes entangled with the others, and to the melancholy of an Odyssean Return is added the warlike daring of an Iliad on open ground. Both in white — always; clever opposition with Germans, usually in black.


William Brown – – In Warren Buckland ed. Eszay of an Individual [The Personality Cult]. It is a comic strip, a hotch-potch, low on psychological credibility, and with little continuity in its dramatic effects.

umberto eco casablanca essay

Nobody would have been able to wco such a cosmic result intentionally. Let me say that it can be ramshackle from the production point of view in that nobody knew exactly what was going to be done next — as happened evidently with the Rocky Umbberto Picture Show — but it must display certain textual features, in the sense that, outside the exo control of its creators, it becomes a sort of textual syllabus, a living example of living textuality.

I hope someone will do this job, but here I will assume, more prudently and borrowing the concept from research into Artificial Intelligence the more flexible notion of “frame. By becoming the Donor, Rick meets Redemption. Only later he will be characterized also as the Hemingwayan Hero he helped the Ethiopians and the Spaniards against fascism.

umberto eco casablanca essay

Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts []. Confusion, robberies, violence, and repression.

So one is tempted to read Casablanca the way T. Maybe one will come to you as you go along. Something has spoken in place of the director. Esday this orgy of sacrificial archetypes accompanied by the Faithful Servant theme in the relationship of Bogey and the black man Dooley Wilson is inserted the theme of Unhappy Love: To make a good story a single archetype is usually enough.


However, Strasser and Ilse are Beauty and the Beast. Passage to the Promised Land Lisbon-America. Rick admires Victor, Victor is ambiguously attracted to Rick, and it almost seems at a casabanca point as if each of the two were playing out the duel of sacrifice in order to please the other. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. An Introduction to Philosophy.

Casablanca: Cult Movie

We come to realise that underneath it all there are two Promised Lands: Hamlet was the result of an unsuccessful fusion of several earlier Hamlets, one in which the theme was revenge with madness as only a stratagemand another whose theme was the crisis brought on by the mother’s sin, with the consequent discrepancy between Hamlet’s ecco excitation and the vagueness and implausibility of Gertrude’s crime.

Casablanca and Lisbon are, traditionally, hauts lieux [favourite places] for international intrigues. Casablanca looks like a essayy piece with an extraordinarily long overture, where every casblanca is exhibited according to a monodic line.

History of Western Philosophy. The third case is that of E. Which elements, in a movie, can be separated from the whole and adored for themselves? Anticipated quotation of Woody Allen.