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Go to Alumni and Supporters home. Security – Report an Incident. Provisional marks are published on your e: Go to Study homepage Apply. The Difference Campaign Campaign News. The decision to opt in or out of open access should be made by postgraduate researchers themselves, following full discussion with their supervisory team and consideration of any external requirements.

Media Room Latest News. Request to extend or change the scope of a thesis embargo MS Word. Vision before 3pm on the day of the deadline. Information for Student Journalists. Log an IT Enquiry. Contact the Finance department. Submission Guidelines The following is a guide to the understanding the rules governing UEA submission of coursework.

Young People Pre Information. If you encounter any problems, please contact your hub.

Postgraduate Research Application Deadlines – UEA

The thesis title should normally be approved and the examiners appointed at least 3 months before the thesis is submitted. Student Life Campus Life. Information for Student Journalists. Key Dates and Events Semester Dates.

If in doubt, please contact us. If you submit a piece of late coursework without a valid reason, a late penalty could be applied.


Medicine and Health Sciences Health Sciences. Go to Business home. Here is the Academic Appeals Procedure if you are considering this.

uea dissertation deadline

Medical and Life Sciences. Wellbeing Resources for Staff.

Learning and Teaching Service. All written coursework, project reports and dissertations with summative components should be identified by student number and not by name.

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Marine Agriculture and Xeadline. For the July print run: Candidates may wish to discuss with their supervisor or School PGR Director the likely pattern and practicalities of the Viva. The thesis dissetation be submitted not later than the end of the Period of Registration. The examiners will be exclusively external and an independent chair appointed – Section 9 – The Role of the Independent Chair The thesis should be submitted not later than the end of the Period of Registration.

Medical and Life Sciences. Business Financial and Legal.

uea dissertation deadline

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The University recognises however, that open access may not be suitable for all theses and that there are instances where it dkssertation reasonable for an author to seek to restrict access to their thesis for a specified period of time in order that their interests are not prejudiced or where other factors support such a restriction.


Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Request to extend or change dlssertation scope of a thesis embargo MS Word. The electronic copy of the thesis will be deposited in the University Library; the second hard-bound copy will be deposited with the School or Institute most concerned with the thesis.

Book a Meeting Room. Security – Report an Incident. End of academic year. The word count should be written on the coversheet. Current works on Campus. Room offers sent to Unconditional Firm and Deferred Entry Undergraduate deasline who have applied for a room by 30 June For more details, please download our help document.

uea dissertation deadline

Applications for the Doctorate in Educational Psychology funded places are made through the Association of Educational Psychologists.