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FieryPhoenix , Sep 7, Please login or register. I think I have your homework. I had a kid that never went to school due to her storyline, mostly and she had failing grades all through childhood, and nothing ever happened – grew up to teen like normal and everything. Adventures make one late for dinner.

I brought down a house from the gallery to replace my existing home and now my teens homework is missing. No options were poping up on the homework, except for “place in world”, which I would do over and over but still no “do homework” option would appear. Although if you would prefer to just live with it you could try downloading new homework for them from simlogical. I am an idiot. He’s a teenager and we were doing ok with all the homework when he was a kid but when he aged up it got stuck.

The only options I get are “put away” and “place in world”. Grannies can’t play games?

ts4 cant find homework

So I thought I’d sell it to see if on the next day of school he would homewlrk back with brand new notebook. There is an option on the Sim Manipulator that says ‘Delete’, check the options carefully and choose ‘Homework’ if you can’t find it. Careers and businesses for sims. Quick Reply Print version Search this Thread.


Yes, you can buy both school levels of homework from the bookcase. Support the site when you purchase online!

I sold my Sims homework – The Sims 4 Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

If she put the homework down on a surface it would be lost. Someone mentioned a way to get replacement homework, maybe on the computer. My sims do put their homework down on the table or somewhere like that, and then it’s quite difficult to find it I imagine if they left it out on the table, and you then replace their whole house, the xant disappears with it.

NekoSep 7, I bought the homework, but my children won’t do it. Don’t have an account? I’m sure Isaw this on another thread, like hints and tips thread, but it’s long buried now and I think xant deserves its own thread anyway. You can find it here.

Sims 4: How to Do Homework

I bought it but I’m back to no Do Homework option. Do we know what happens if they fail school? It wasn’t something I did at random, I did it because I basically couldn’t get him to “do homework”.

TanenaSep 9, The order the mods and hacks are in can make a difference too. Just to confirm what’s been said here Place one object for each of them on the desk dind a shelf above the desk.


Missing Homework

My husband is sidneydoj. Oh yeah, probably should’ve mentioned that yeah, I have that “put your homework away” hack If the homework is actually fine some where on the lot, it deletes it which gives them credit for having done it.

ts4 cant find homework

More topics from this board I’m having a bit of a problem This allows you to set up a desk for each child and assign them that desk. You can purchase homework books from the buy mode.

He’s a teenager and we cnt doing ok with all the homework when he was a kid but when he aged up it got stuck. If someone happens to place another object there, they will still place it on the floor near the desk. Their school report was starting to slide – off to do some extra credit homework now!!

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ts4 cant find homework

TanenaSep 8, When you let go, you grow.