• June 24, 2019

Yugioh is much faster, more agressive, and just plain easier to learn. It does have a great scale, but is rarely used as one. Running two ensures that you always have at least one available copy, but 3 tends to be too much. What are some good strategies in Yu-Gi-Oh? Decent beatstick with a scale of 1, although the go to low scale tends to be Peasant Magician this card offers an alternative. They will lose that ability, and the loss of that ability and the tight spell slots make gravekeepers slightly less competitive than Chaos Sorcerer although Gravekeepers is still a nice deck. The go to low scale that allows you to replenish your hand with Magicians for later use.

So what this means is you can win the match in 1 duel instead of 2. Offers a possible, more aggressive alternative to Vortex dragon, and in general is a powerful OTK machine. All you have to do is remove 1 light and 1 dark monster from the graveyard, so it is basically a free summon if your have the monsters in the graveyard. The key difference here is that a duel consists of a single game and also a match consists of a best-of-three duels game. What other card can be summoned when you have no monsters to tribute, remove your opponent’s Jinzo , and leave you with a attacker? So, with this card if you manage to reduce your opponent’s LP to 0 and fulfill the other conditions you win the best-of-three games immediately.

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thesis magician yugioh

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I remember when I used to play M: What is the point of Legendary Magician of Dark’s effect? What is the most powerful card in Yu Gi Oh? They are so vulnerable to removal, and if you lose NecrovalleyGravekeepers will lose the duel, so Necrovalley must be found and protected. DarkCygnus 2, 1 2 Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Community Forum Software by IP. The Match Winners cause you to win the entire match in one duel, once their conditions are met. TG at my local comic shop, we occasionally had to tell the Yu-Gi-Oh players to keep it down because they started yelling every so often.

Lastly, YuGiOh is seen as a rip off of Magic. You would be hard pressed to find someone younger than 25 at FNM, and some established players are as old as 35! Link Strike Battles of Legend: What is the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh!

Serves as a recycler and assists in reusing destroyed boss monsters. The hand effect is useful, but no longer as needed with the recent support.

It is thwsis a great and a very underrated monster that screams build the best spellcaster deck around me. This combo will keep you from attacking those nasty D.

Both have an issue with 2nd turn, 1st turn, and even 0 turn win conditions. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

One note, swap a Smashing Ground for Dark Hole when it can be posted on the site. There it is, with side deck and all. The card is searchable by 2 ways, and is level 4 for rank 4 plays.


Odd-Eyes Magicians Deck

Magic is a more complicated game to learn and master. TG players may feel that Yu-Gi-Oh is too unbalanced and fast-paced in terms of gameplay. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. With Ring of Destruction and Mirror Force going onto the banned list, beat-down will make a come back, nothing stops beat-down faster than Chaos Sorcerer.

YuGiOh TCG Article – Spellcaster Thesis by Jesse Colbert

I would hate to see Chaos SorcererCyber Dragonand Breaker the Magical Warrior all summoned on the same turn, which can happen fairly easily in a duel if you are holding all three. You thought the new ban list would end chaos forever, but I believe the new ban list that will end the reign of Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginningwill give rise to the most underrated monster in all of Yu-gi-Oh!

The decks themed Infinity, that provides the deck with a much needed stun aspect. Post your thoughts on the best Spellcaster deck, and let’s open this debate, and learn together what is the most effective Spellcaster deck. Should I stop playing Yu-Gi-Oh? One player wins by turn 3, or the game draws out for an eternity.

thesis magician yugioh