• June 23, 2019

If you are happy with them to profile your web browsing in order to categorise what you can and can not view then stay with them! This is a problem for all TalkTalk customers whether they use HomeSafe or not: Likewise many such sites also contain adult advertising. If anyone on previous comments got the HOMESAFE issue sorted, please, please, could you drop me a line either here with webmasters consent or via my website, as to how it was cured. It could also be a third party tool bar that you have installed, which is doing this. Mark, you can email them here:

I have a system which checks my website is up every five minutes. A TalkTalk account Username and Password. Virgin Media did inform customers that it intended to operate phorm, however they pulled out due to protest. Leave this anti-spam trap empty. Explore our Wi-Fi Hub. On privacy he added: What is the point of blocking us and uTorrent.

The bot is called.

UK ISP TalkTalk Accused of Abusing HomeSafe Service to Censor News Website − ISPreview UK News

However it is important to emphasise that HomeSafe is an entirely voluntary product offered free of charge to our customers: Hojework posted to talktalks site but had my comments deleted every time. It is the type of service you learn about through word of mouth at the school gates. My advice — turn it off for a better internet experience. I became a bit flippant at first and said, what are you some sort of magician or something, because this area ALLOA does not have fibre and there is no intention of the powers that be ever supplying it to this area, now or in the near future.


By automatically controlling children to only browse specific sites at specific times is akin to automatically feeding and watering animals in a zoo.

I can’t imagine for one talkttalk that TalkTalk sat down in their office and homewirk a list of file-sharing related sites on their own. Anti virus apps do the same with web shields.

This site uses cookies. I signed up to talk talk with a connection date 3rd July. They came up with a similar system called WebWise — a system that would keep customers safe and protect them homeafe visiting sites with viruses.

A TalkTalk spokesman said: The TalkTalk HomeSafe system is a cynical attempt at fooling parents into thinking their children will be safe on the internet. The poster at the following url is right http: What this means is that if a website is infected with a virus, or contains unsuitable content, then TalkTalk will not know about it, and not block sites for up to that time.

Upgraded to what I asked? And this has to be the number one reason why you should call up TalkTalk and cancel your internet subscription with them right now. Will you talk to your child about e-safety as a result of your visit today?

But when genuine news resources are blocked too – and in our case a site which regularly publishes educational articles on the perils of sharing copyright works – they are overstepping the mark.

TalkTalk HomeSafe – Internet Matters

Where do you take this one further to? What is the point of blocking us and uTorrent.


talktalk homesafe homework

I have had the phone doped on me by TT staff and I say that nobody should trust them to provide there broadband service. Get HomeSafe with any of our broadband packages. TalkTalk Homesafe features three web filter settings — Virus Alert, Kids Safe, Homework time that can block social networking and games yomesafe at specific times and the ability to block individual sites.

This week TalkTalk launched their HomeSafe security system.

talktalk homesafe homework

Been trying for two days to dump the crock of crap and cant. This is something TalkTalk will not tell you. But he does LIVE on the talktalk forums…………….

TalkTalk online security system attracts few takers

Just how low or sneaky can TalkTalk get? Please help thank you. We already have children being fingerprinted in schools, and now parents have the option homeaafe electronically controlling relaxation time.

If I remember correctly the blOck message does not mention a time And simply says Facebook block for social networking.

Does this service even work at all? All they accomplish is advertising the dodgy sites. I have a passive monitor and my mail server does no layer 7 parsing or virus scanning for the very reason that it can be exploited and then I find my ISP compulsorarily lowering my networks security for me and for what.

Sites that use encryption HTTPS sites are unable to homsafe crawled and thus homesaff or checked for malware.