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Argues that while Chomsky disagrees with the idea that communication is the essential function of language , he implicitly agrees that it has a function. The aided communicators scored lower on planning and showed more impulsivity than the comparison group, while both groups showed an equal degree of monitoring of the work progress. The present longitudinal study was designed to investigate whether the executive functions shifting, inhibition, and working memory differ. The children completed tests of nonverbal intelligence, language tests assessing receptive vocabulary and attention based on picture naming, and two tests of executive functioning. These results can direct future research and help build evaluation protocols for assessing executive functions , taking into account the different educational levels and socio-demographic profiles of older adults in Brazil. A battery of tasks, including conflict, delay, and working memory tasks, was administered at 31 months.

Language functions were assessed through performance on computer-administered lexical retrieval and sentence processing tasks. The terms ‘ executive functioning ‘ or ‘ executive control’ refer to a set of mechanisms involved in the improvement of cognitive processes to guide them towards the resolution of complex problems. The study identified the tests and domains of executive functions most frequently used in the last five years by research groups worldwide to evaluate older adults. For example, executive attention and behavioral inhibition show marked development beginning around 4 years of age. TS school starters had enhanced receptive and expressive language on standardised assessment CELF-P and enhanced rhyme judgements, spoonerisms, and lexical decision, indicating enhanced phonological skills and word representations.

Pre- and post-intervention testing consisted of a test battery including tests on languageexecutive functionsselective auditive attention, socioemotional skills and early maths skills. The purpose of the current study was to investigate this relationship in young children. Ten children with SLI, ages 8 to 12 years, completed a session training of visuospatial working memory, inhibition and cognitive.

We studied six patients with thalamic vascular lesions three left sided, two right sided and one bilateral, to characterize their repercussion in the communicative abilities and the interface between language alterations and other cognitive abilities, as attention, memory and frontal executive.


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To investigate this, sandraa children between 10 and 13 years old were tested on a receptive vocabulary and grammar performance sentence repetition task and various tasks measuring executive functioning.

In the autism and developmental literature executive dysfunctions has also been linked to theory of mind ToM and pragmatic language use. Effect of functional overreaching on executive functions.

Although old children with SLI performed thesie than young children with SLI, their performances were still poor, compared to those of control peers.

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Implications of these considerations for the neuropsychological assessment of executive function sandrra discussed. A growing percentage of low-income children in the United States come from Spanish-speaking homes and are dual language learners DLLs.

Full Text Available Executive Function EF refers to important socio-emotional and cognitive skills that are known to be highly correlated with both academic and life success.

We examined whether this effect is generalized to an unstudied language group Spanish-English bilingual and multiple measures of executive function kouijezr administering a battery of tasks to 50 kindergarten children drawn from yhesis language groups: This study demonstrates that family SES inequalities are associated with inequalities in home tjesis and with inequalities in child executive functions.

We discuss the issues associated with deterministic execution and program correctness on a system without hardware coherence, and demonstrate how Sisal as a functional language is able to address those issues. Metacognition and executive functioning in Elementary School. Executive dys- function is currently even seen as a shared underlying key component of most mental disorders.

Self-regulation is a core aspect of adaptive human behavior that has been studied, largely in parallel, through the lenses of social and personality psychology as well as cognitive psychology.

Language may play a key role in this ability by supporting integrated representations of conflicting rules. Executive function is comprised of different behavioral and cognitive elements and is considered to play a significant role in learning and academic achievement. Regression analyses showed that omissions were a significant predictor of children’s grammar performance after various other variables were controlled for: Executive functions and self-regulation.


EF deficits found in DD are interpreted as an expression of a deficient functioning of the Central Executive System and are discussed in the context of the recent temporal sampling theory.

sandra kouijzer thesis

Executive and intellectual functioning in school-aged children with specific language impairment. Seventy-two to year-old English-Mandarin bilinguals performed four computerized executive function tasks Stroop, Eriksen flanker, number-letter switching and n-back task that measure the executive function components: In this paper, we will address some of the issues surrounding the notion of executive functioning and how an understanding of executive functioning and its components might assist school-based practitioners….

Parallel processing is a very important technique for improving the performance of various software development and maintenance activities.

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On the other hand. The executive functions motor inhibition, attention and visuospatial working memory were examined in highly talented soccer players. Reversible languages are programming languages where all programs can run both forwards and backwards.

sandra kouijzer thesis

During the preschool years, children develop abilities and skills in areas crucial for later success in life. To assess the predictive role of education, occupation and family income on decline in executive functions among a sample with a wide age range. Executive htesis shows clinical utility as less subjected to language use and exposure than linguistic measures.

Executive functionsoral language and writing in preschool children: Accordingly, scientists have reasoned that training will have wider benefits if it is implemented early, with very young children as the neural circuitry of executive functions is developing, and that it will be most effective if embedded in children’s everyday activities.

Full Text Available Subcortical structures are in a strategic functional position within the cognitive networks.