• June 24, 2019

It’s difficult to say Wass de Czege plagiarized Boyd in AirLand Battle if The central difficulty in Osinga’s work is his portrayal of Boyd as a diviner of the zeitgeist of his time. One of the greatest limitations we have in understanding the thinking of John Boyd–widely credited as the father of Maneuver Warfare theory in the United States–is that he didn’t write a book or a series of articles. American Society for Quality. Toyota considers standardized work to be a critical part of their system: The greatest value of Osinga’s work is three-fold. When might this not happen?

The author takes a potentially interesting subject and strangles the life out of it by spending dozens of pages discussing something that merits maybe a paragraph or two. Frans Osinga has performed an invaluable service rendering his ideas into a single coherent narrative that follows the intellectual origins of Boyd’s theory through their development including exact quotes of Boyd’s key points and their influence and relevance today. Read this book, then despair. One of my colleagues Ben Buchanan subsequently contacted me via Twitter and we exchanged a few messages Never neglect the psychological, cultural, political, and human dimenstions of warfare, which is inevitably tragic, osinga boyd thesis inefficient, and uncertain Quotes. View all 5 comments. A corollary to this approach is that the side that can make the quickest decisions is most likely to win Osinga,

Quotes from Science, Strategy The observe point is to take observation of things as they happen and gaining that knowledge rapidly.

This book really deserves to be taught in STS programs: The best mission might be as keeper of the culture, but without a day-to-day line management role Boyd, a; Welch J. Update orientations simultaneously and harmoniously, with each function reinforcing the others. Imagine also that you remove the outboard motor from the motor boat, and you are not longer in Florida. While not ignoring OODA, but contrary to the USAF’s educational focus, Osinga bogd appropriately focuses upon Boyd’s fundamental premise of how we as human orient ourselves to our unpredictable and chaotic surroundings.


Paperbackpages. Air Cmdr Osinga does a great job taking Boyd’s thoughts and translating them into a narrative format.

Boydian perspectives can be used to justify nonsense as well as sound action. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Boyd was the first in the modern era to propose a comprehensive theory of strategy that is independent of size or technology and to identify an organizational climate for achieving it p.

They operate in the culture, then they get to step back and think about the culture. While kinetic force will most likely be required, the successful strategist is one focused first on disruption of the enemy’s mental and moral system.

osinga boyd thesis

I have no idea yet how I will apply this, but for weeks now I have obsessed over the lessons that I’ve been acquiring from this book. This is not an easy read by any measure.

Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd

There rhesis no OODA loop. Center for Defense Information. In a discussion with the author, he said that his proudest achievements were the two chapters discussing Boyd’s inspirations.

The USAF, the service to which Boyd dedicated his career and life to, has hardly sought to purposefully encapsulated his concepts.


Osinga boyd thesis

The rules of victory: A history of the OODA loop. The pursuit of wow! Yet the Gulf War and oainga recent operations show divisions reacting far faster. Embedding an adverb in com Osinga does a great service to John Boyd by writing this grand overview of his work. Decoding the DNA of the Toyota production system.

osinga boyd thesis

Boyf battlefield is not just a time and place, it is also moral and intellectual, and the greatest victories come from scattering and paralyzing an enemy by maximizing his internal ‘friction’ rather than mass firepower or attrition. He must have been proud of what his efforts wrought. This would mean that at the tactical level, there should be flexibility to allow for initiative.

osinga boyd thesis

Osinga is meticulously sourced, with pages and pages of endnotes supporting his presentation of Boyd’s concepts, even pointing out Boyd’s own notes from the margins of his own primary sources.

Finally, you take off the rubber treads from the toy tractor or tanks. Science, strategy and war: Osinga does a great job describing the various influences on Boyd’s thinking, both military and scientific. I’m a big fan of Lean Startup, Steve Blank’s work, design thinking, and other “pop” business topics.

It is dense reading but very well researched and a must read for any student of maneuver warfare, John Boyd, and third generation warfare.