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The TCM adjusts oil pressure to provide smooth shifts and engagements. It comes with two trivalent preconverters built into the stainless steel exhaust pipe and a double converter beneath the floorpan complemented by four heated lambda sensors. Customers who want a comfortable, luxurious car that can be run at a reasonable cost and ensure the same driving satisfaction as a petrol engine. Overall credit for this goes to the high average effective pressure AEP developed by the power unit. Special care has also gone into the emission control devices. About the engine The Lancia Thesis 2. Comments Be the first to comment

This therefore helps to reduce evaporated fuel emissions. The Lancia Thesis 2. The main data for this engine are as follows: Even when the systems capacity is adequate, the elements in the systems breather will become partially clogged through use. All this is naturally enhanced by the guaranteed advantages of common rail technology that makes possible normally incompatible results such as increased performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The high, modulatable pressure leads to more efficient combustion and thus improved efficiency and performance.

The timing system includes a hydraulic variable valve timing VVT system on the intake camshaft that is activated at low speeds and makes a substantial contribution to keeping emissions low while improving the idle speed.

Lancia Thesis Thesis 2. Our improved algorithm coefficients were calculated for each model particularly. Engine turbocharging is achieved by means of a Garrett variable geometry turbocharger electronically controlled and complemented by an intercooler that ensures prompt acceleration at low speed.


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In addition, see Terms and conditions of access http: Another source of crankcase breather must be provided when these vents are plugged. Ocnsumption forged, nitrided crankshaft turns on four main bearings. The TCM adjusts oil pressure to provide smooth shifts and engagements. Estimated fuel consumption data, depends on the users driving style, environmental conditions and may vary depending on many factors.

Lancia at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

lancia thesis 2.4 jtd fuel consumption

.24 The pistons come with an omega shaped combustion chamber while the valves are operated by an overhead camshaft. Please Choose Thesis The power is transmitted by a 6 speed Manual gearbox with Front wheel drive. Car handling and agility are also important.

Overall credit for this goes to the high average effective pressure AEP developed by the power unit. Also, the breather may become clogged with mud or sludge in winter or under snowy and conshmption conditions. Suffice it to say that, apart from oil changes, the first service does not fall due forkm.

Nu lancia sa selectezi nimic. Main Page Lancia Thesis Thesis 2. The turbo lag so typical of turbocharged engines has also been completely eliminated on this engine. Neutral control will not consumptoin in winter mode. Lancia assured this by coming up with a suspension control device known as the Skyhook that is the exclusive province of a few select cars.


These conditions will cause positive pressure to build up in the crankcase.

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With consumptkon few pleasant surprises: The valve gear is driven by a toothed belt and features two overhead camshafts with hydraulic tappets and four valves per cylinder. Lancia Thesis Thesis Dimensions and Weight. The result is an engine with prompt yet smooth responses that are comparable to those of a big aspirated engine. The data bear it out: For people who do not like to be second to anyone, even on the road.

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lancia thesis 2.4 jtd fuel consumption

Because the pump and injectors are controlled ntd an electronic system, injection pressure and injected fuel quantity can be optimised for each engine service point.

The engine has a Euro 3 standard. A turbocharged engine works with a lower rpm and higher load for the same speed. I have read and agree.