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A Case Study JetBlue: Interactional attractiveness – JYSKE bank were creating interactional attractiveness among valuable customers through architectural and design changes. Assignments On Business Issues. The course is designed and relevant not just for students with careers in services industries e. It is the third largest bank in Denmark. Genuine interest and Equal respect.

These were hampering service popularity and long term satisfaction among customers. Due Date The written portion of this assignment is due at the beginning of the class on 18 November. If the balance in favor of one or two groups shifts, is the long-term expense of all groups. JYSKE bank is a service organization that is required to do some competitive positioning. Course Related Link Supplementary course materials including the syllabus, case questions, PPT slides, and other materials are posted on http: The Bank reached its new customer-oriented competitive method.

Grade varies significantly with attendance and attempts to participate.

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And quality of data collected is increasing. Understanding how others analyzed the case and developed their solutions is a valuable process for expanding your own ability to creatively develop multiple viable alternative solutions to marketing problems. The second part of the learning process is case discussion.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

This case of JetBlue airways is based on service failure and its adequate recovery procedures. Can you categorize the encounter according to the four common themes: Therefore, classroom sessions will consist of a mixture of short lectures, studh discussions on assignments, case discussions, active learning exercises, and guest lectures.

The theme of this course focuses on challenges of managing service brands and delivering quality service to customers across industry sectors. Explain why the issues facing Electrolux were str Is the Triangle well-aligned and where do you see potential threats going forward?


What were your expectations? Accordingly, there are two types of course packages involved: JYSKE introduced a new competitive positioning in its branches and all sorts of operations.

JYSKE provides three types of incentives – stock, one-time payments and annual raises.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

JYSKE Bank was selecting their employees not only depending on their banking skills; they are also evaluating the social abilities of each and every employee which will go along with service mindedness and some JYSKE values such as: Then they began to promote relationships with customers to understand their needs and solutions in accordance with their strategy.

Assigned Case Questions Case assignments are specifically designed for marketig class. The core values of the Bank are its fundamental basis.

1 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Out of Box Services. As employees are trained properly they are also given some additional power to provide the service with a great ease.

If the balance in favor of one or two groups shifts, is the long-term expense of all groups. Its only target was less risk bearing customers those are ready to afford a premium price and were comfortable with the banks candid personality and portrayed image.

The team members were looking that problem by working together. This is a lengthy and time consuming process. It was established in with cxse merger of 4 Danish banks.

Moreover loan processing criteria was pretty critical both for employees and customers. Thus employees are getting more motivation to perform with customer satisfaction.


Confidently become a perceptive consumer as well as an effective manager through understanding the complexities of service design, delivery, and communication. JYSKE bank brought some changes in its management style. The portion of incentives depends on the overall performance of the bank. Some of the beneficial effects of the redesigning branches are. You elaborate on the best service encountered in the last three months.

Service Performance Gap Exemplify the role of service leadership and service culture with example, explain the critical boundary-spanning roles of service employees, present different strategies for delivering quality service through people, identify the critical roles of customers in service delivery, present different strategies for enhancing customer participation in service co-creation Manage Service Brand Promises by Integrated Communication and Value-based Pricing Strategies Provider Gap 4: If a customer was to apply for a loan the entire procedure used to take a long time as the branch manager used to write a formal application and forward the application to the regional level for approval.

Can the company continue with the same strategy — why or why not? Did the airline handle the crisis well — why or why not? Course Related Link Supplementary course materials including the syllabus, case questions, PPT slides, and other materials are posted on http: