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We will look at authenticity in dialogue and how dialogue can be used to express character, show rather than tell external detail, convey information, as well as advance the plot. Assessment Writers who successfully complete the course will receive a successful completion certificate from UEA. Please note that the course will take place in four, 6-week semesters. Go to Business home. A masterclass for novelists. Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out of the course once the full fee has been paid. Narrative Initial discussion of how narrative works in memoir.

Profile of the course tutor Monique Roffey is an award-winning writer, born in Trinidad. Closing workshop There will be a thorough summation of the course. Biography has embraced a new style which blends the narrative inventions of fiction with the historical authority of the traditional profile. Continue to work on personal project in class. How might they feel about this? For information on the latest courses from Guardian Masterclasses, sign up to our newsletter , follow us on Twitter or keep an eye on our calendar. Over nine months students will work in small groups and have one-on-one sessions with the tutors who will give detailed responses and guidance on their written work.

Individual private tutorials with the tutor Six students will be seen each week. A masterclass with Hygge author Meik Wiking.

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Medicine and Health Sciences Health Sciences. Further practical and philosophical advice will be given about the discipline, ethos, and challenges of writing and the literary industry. Unlike the art world where almost anything goes, most popular fiction is not known for innovation.

This course outline is provisional. Encouraged by reviewers who described The Pike as being as compelling as the best fiction, she is currently writing her first novel. Refunds Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out wriing the course once the full fee has been paid. We also discuss how this process will affect your existing memories — and possibly destroy them.


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We will discuss the usefulness and relevance of this method to your own work. Guardian Masterclasses and UEA have designed this series of courses to appeal to those that have a serious ambition to become a writer but do not necessarily have time to complete a masters xreative.

From prize-winning creative non-fiction to celebrity tell-alls and confessional misery-lit, memoirs have generated critical exaltation, controversy and guadrian serious sales. Daniel Webb and Bettina Maidment tell us about their experiences.

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Writing is rewriting and every writer must find their own way to revise their uwa. Please note that the course will take place in four, 6-week semesters. Taster and Masteclass Events. Topics Business masterclasses writing and publishing courses Culture and lifestyle Masterclasses corporate training Digital business.

Final readings and course review Course review. This is designed to help you prepare for the assessment and build serious momentum for your own writing. Go to Alumni and Supporters home. This course is no longer running.

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And how do you handle vernacular so that it sounds authentic, such as Scottish, Yorkshire, patois, cockney? Our alumni include three Man Booker Prize winners among a host of other highly successful contemporary novelists.

A brief outline of the history of memoir and autobiography.


The course will be a pass maasterclass fail. But there are no hard and fast rules and short stories can be as experimental and off-the-wall as the writer desires.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Workshopping Workshop devoted to remaining five writers and their 2, words. Timings and specifics The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per wfiting 6.

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You might have an idea for a novel or a series of short stories. Exploring Memoir, weeks 7 — 12 Session 7: How do you go about structuring a work of fiction? The students will have already carried out research in preparation for this class, researching something far removed from their own lives. Introductory motivational workshop There will be an extended discussion about the nature and purpose of the course, the language of giving and receiving constructive critical feedback, the expectations, ambitions and intentions of the group.

You will also have met professionals within the field, including a guest author, editor masetrclass agent. A supportive group environment with specified deadlines will keep you on-track and ensure you either have or driting well on the way to having wrjting finished manuscript in your hands by the end of the course.

The reader then conjures up an image of an old man through specific, significant detail rather than generalisation. How to find a literary agent with Juliet Mushens: