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If we consider that the cost of transmitting traffic. There are two types of fibre optical cable: Computer Science – Software Autonomously recover from wireless li Additionally, it is easier to connect to transceiver modules than SMF, which is more cost-effective. The all-around presence of wireless communication links combined with functions that support mobility will make a roaming person-bound communication network possible in the near future.

Each ONU can support different applications, therefore distri- bution links should have sufficient bandwidth such that the remaining capacity on distribution links, can guaran- tee the minimum throughput. Ke y Parameters Impacting. There are two general categories of optical fibres: Firstly, a comparison of the power consumption in WiMAX via air and fibre is presented. The ability transmitting voice, data, or video over very short, respectively, very long distances provides considerable value for communication networks like mobile phone, wireless system and broadband, due to the reduction of energy consumption and cost. The introduction of microcells has the following advantages: Re-model the simulation environment to mimic the real system behavior as accurately as possible.

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Dynamic bandwidth allocation in GPON networks

Wireless broadband, fixed and mobile, can be found almost everywhere, and it became a part of our modern life style. Subject to l lj.

Several centuries later, the first generation of fibre optic arose in the s as a means to transport information in communication systems, operating at a wavelength of 0.

gpon master thesis

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The simulation results show the increase of the signal transmission area to km also the improvement of OSNR and the signal attenuation. One benefit was mastet costs for installation and maintenance due to the greater repeater spacing of 10 km, compared to the coax systems. Additionally, it is easier to connect to transceiver modules than SMF, which is more cost-effective.


Link and Cost Optimization of FTTH Network Implementation through GPON Technology

The multi-paths of light cause signal distortion, especially over cable lengths more than m, amster leads to incomplete thess unclear data transmission. Figure 9 illustrates the op- timal total cost of GPON access network for different throughput requirements.

Regarding the fibre core axis, the measurement of NA is as follows [24]: After some algebraic manipulations, the optimal ca- pacities of both GPON feeder link and distribution links can be given by [9]: With 12, base stations building up a 3G mobile network, it consumes more than 50GWh a year.

One thedis the most prominent applications in the fibre optic system is radio over fibre RoF. Figure 7 shows the relationship between. Figure 5 shows that gpoh number of PONs grows li. Publish now – it’s free. In optical communication systems, Silica-based optical fibres are the medium for long- distance and large-capacity signal transmission. Like radio frequency RF signals are routed through coaxial cables, the light waves are guided through the core of the optical fibre.

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At the Mobile World Congress this year, a sale of worldwide 1. Information transport, via electrical signals in copper respectively coaxial cables or via radio frequencies over a wireless medium is, compared to fibre-optic cables, not hugely effective. In the normal status.

The dielectric constant of a medium is a function of frequency; therefore, different optical frequencies propagate at different velocities through the medium. The overall aim of this research project was to simulate the transmission of wireless and baseband RF signals via fibre for a long distance in high quality, consuming a low-power budget.


gpon master thesis

The light is reflected within the core to the other end of the fibre. For n e optic networ k nimization, w p ossible.

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This fibre obtains beneficial properties, like low attenuation, large wavelength area and high bandwidths over distance. This idea of a personal network, in which a user has his own communication environment available everywhere, necessitates immense numbers of radio access points to maintain the wireless links and support mobility.

The global shift from 2G to 3G networks, with predicted million handsets supporting 3G intakes part in the rising quantity of data and so the rising amount of energy needed to transfer the data [6] ; 30 to 40 per cent of the total cost of a base station is caused by the power amplifier [6].

Develop a one point control tool for the boards was developed using the instrument tool box of Matlab so that scripts could be used do such measurements.

Op t Iraq T e 3 http: Scattering means, that minor defects glon the fibre redirect or scatter some light into rays that are no longer conducted by the fibre [25]. This approach is expressed in an optimization problem as follows: This is an important fact for optical communications, because the optical signal is not purely monochromatic.