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Her aim was to serve suffering humanity. Kazi Ghulam Nabi Kazi. The children are different from poet because they are sign of life, fresh, energetic and live with joy like birds without worries. Q — 3 When did Hellen visit Pakistan and why? University of Sindh The University of Sindh , is a public research university located in the residential area of Jamshoro , Pakistan. After two years stay, because of some difference with His Highness Mir Ali Nawaz of Khairpur, he resi gned and the couple left for London.

Now there is not a shrimp to sell buyer s have empty hands. She became blind and deaf at the age two. It is our duty to be loyal and patriotic to Pakistan and we should pay our taxes promptly and honestly. The world is moving so fast if we do not educate ourselves we will not only left behind but also will be no more. Chapter-II 5 Today still groans the thatches fill, where wounded lie and suffer; Although it is their twilight, still same ointment there and dressing Translated In Verse By Elsa Kazi www. It is force that brings the imperfect sou l back to its former perfect state or even beyond it, and the pain it causes, we call punishment.

T heir eyes shall never rainless be in whom thought of ‘Beloved’ reigns.

But seeing sorro wing ones, the night Burst into thousand tears. A barage is a kind of wall that blocks the flow of water.

Alas, the woeful one did waste her days declining fastIn old age now, her eyes are cast upon her Punhu rare.

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The King said that miller was wrong because the king envied the miller and he was sad while the miller was happy. InElsa was suddenly taken seriously ill with a renal problem and died at the age of As the stars shine in milky way the daffodills stretch in never-ending line along lake. The vicar craned his neck and re marked: The fate had so ordain ed that a Sindhi scholar should get mgs in wedlock with a German poetess, to make a versatile couple of scholarly eminence.


The ruins of Moen — Jo — Daro are years old. My message to the loved-one bring before my day is done; when you reach Kech say: Essayy you mean to say that a painter can paint a new picture everyday, and a poet can create a poem everyd ay with same or other meaning, and that God can ‘create’ only once?

essay on mrs elsa kazi

Q — 4 What question perplexed the poet? To raise the soul of humanity to greater significance then, was purpose jazi Christ’s suffering. Thus through the quantitative you arrive at the quantitative, and that all from the mere shadows of so called faded words that e xist in the tomb of your mind and that we can see no longer and which resemble f aded petals of a flower, or bones that have not only crumbled into dust but have vanished altogether from our sight, and yet you create from such invisibilities a visible glorious poem, and do you mean to tell me that God’s creatures can do more than God himself?

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The poet was wandering here and there, near the lake without any purpose. She lies buried along with Allama I. He had a very sensitive mind. Even the ta ste of the best of them picks out mere external polish, a complexion, a color, a form, and cares little for expression of character esszy the glow of true life. It was the mo nth of July and the roses were at their best.


essay on mrs elsa kazi

Nishan-e-Haider is the highest milatry award in Pakistan that is given to brave and valour soldiers who lay down their lives in defence of Pakistan. Q — 4 Whay kaxi Shah Abdul Latif famous? Quaid — e —- Azam the fournder of Pakistan was born on 25th December, in Karachi.

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Furthermore, several girls’ hostels and other buildings in the university district of Jamshoro created at the instance of her husband, are named after her. Muslim women contributed very active part to nursing they tended wounded soldiers gave them water in the battle fields.

Q — 8 How can we know more about moen jo daro? Founded in in Karachithe university was relocated to Hyderabad where the university began functioning as a teaching university.

Its urban area extends beyond the city’s administrative limits with a population of around 2. A woman as well as an animal will rush to save their chi ldren’s lives at the cost of their own. She travelled throughout sindh for holding women public meetings. Q — 7 What type of life did the people of moen jo daro live? This is according to him is goal of life.

Wilhelm II, German Emperor. Opening it, his eyes fell on the following passage: Today too nature doth appear in rich array of r ain!

Q — 3 What do you know about Guddu Barrage? What did he see?