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Fatima Jinnah was on of seventh children of her parents its mean Fatima Jinnah had six siblings. While commenting, please note that she was not Mrs. Fatima Jinnah was not joined the election from till In her speeches, she argued that by coming to terms with India on the Indus Water dispute , Ayub had surrendered control of the rivers to India. Hassan, military secretaries of both the provinces East and West Pakistan , Commissioner Karachi, DIG Karachi, members of the national and provincial assemblies, and leaders from all political parties were in the procession. A news story on the the application said that Additional City Magistrate Mumtaz Muhammad Baig had set January 17 as hearing date of an application by Ghulam Sarwar under section of the Criminal Procedures.

The opposition parties of Combined Opposition Parties were not united and did not possess any unity of thought and action. I believe this news of an aching past would leave us wondering who we really are and where we’re heading. There are many realities hidden from the sight of Pakistanies. Ma english translation in english ipa. The procession carried on with everyone chanting, ‘long live the mother of the nation’. Considering the time line of the events Liaqat Ali Khan had to be involved in Radio Pakistan behavior, not broadcasting the speeches for two years. Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan conviniently forgot how the independence of Pakistan was achieved.

For these people it was all about power and money and unfortunately now it has become a tradition. According to a book – Rana Liaquat Ali Khan went her house after her death and confirmed esszy Fatima Jinnah died of natural causes.

People like you who never read a book and don’t know the dynamics of Pakistani society always seem ready to malign Jinnah and other stalwart are spot on Pakistan.

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TI- Election was held in January, Fatima Jinnah played very important role for the independence of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We can expect anything from our establishment essya forces. How Fatima Jinnah died — an unsolved kinnah case. Her death is subject to controversy, as some reports have alleged that she died of unnatural jihnah. Jinnah, Creator of Pakistan. The disscrepency in the date can also be explained as the day next to her death would have been a public holiday and news papers will only go out on 11th.


That was the first election “Gunda Gardi” in Pakistan, as far as I remember. After his death, Fatima was banned from addressing the nation until ; her radio address to the nation was heavily censored by the Liaquat administration.

Montarma had something wrong with those pages and he wanted to hide them, why did he publish the same pages in his own book”? Years later I saw a full-page newspaper ad by the people who opposed the Molvi praising themselves, celebrating the news, and making shukr for completing as yet many more of those beneficial flyover roads in Karachi.

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The premier Mr Iskandar Mirza had done all this in order to maintain his hegemony on power. Has anybody been punished for that. Being the ” secretary” of the jinnah is the best possible qualification for a politician Dentistdental surgeon.

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Thank You for sharing. Did the state forget the religious requirements of haya that are required for ghusal, that only men can give ghusal to men, and only women give ghusal to women. This is really unfortunate for this nation, however this article force me to think that we need to educate our young generation to read, understand and research last years history to identify wolfs in our society.

Anything is possible in this land of the pure. Days after attending a party on July 7 Fatima Jinnah also passed the Senior Cambridge exams in and she had a good command in English communication.

essay on mohtarma fatima jinnah

The number of people now had increased to more thanCauses of Indian Mutiny ratima Remarkable story you have seizedafter reading this story I really am feeling seriously upset what had they done bigot with her it is simple meaning who would like to stand for the Pakistan country unknown people will have killed them infact enemy of the Pakistan are not outside they are still here and working properly whose do they want to kill Wht is the problem of this country Unbeliveable Wht we thought how could we attain and believe on justice never never never.


Till this day, we haven’t realized the importance of freedom and thats why haven’t got rid of “the group that wanted to remain in power” and will make us suffer for some time to come.

Fatima Jinnah the Mother of Nation great personality Pakistan

The discrepancy might be due to the fact that publishers at that time had to adjust for the delay in transporting newspaper issues to readers in different cities. Pakistan is doomed and belongs to the stone age unless we do something about it.

essay on mohtarma fatima jinnah

The fate of Field Marshall and Mr Bhutto to be thrown out of power and death are typical examples that tools of the conspiracies had be disposed off after achieving their objectives.

Abdul If you now about the proceedings, then write an article.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah wants to made her sister well educated but in that times his relative against this decision. She teaches in Oxford university her father was a senior civil servant of Pakistan. They need to know everything that this country has gone through in the past.

Many jinnah us not knowing this On October 7,martial law was imposed in Pakistan.