• June 26, 2019

The Band played at every home football game, the drum line played on the first day of school, at pep rallies, and the marching band as a whole would go to cedar point every three years, and Disney World every four years. Clarenceville has overall taught me that there is so many different people in the world, we are all different but when it comes to a community we all come together as one. We have a lot of sports, but there isn’t as much student participation as you would think. My junior and senior year, i joined the drum line. There is so much diversity throughout the students and the teachers. There are several cliques at my school. On Tuesday, April 9, only students in Grades 8, 10 and 11 will be at school for testing.

We are also given opportunities to showcase our abilities and ideas. Board of Education Meeting. Clarenceville High School Reviews. The students and staff are very friendly. What I liked most at Clarenceville is how the school takes the most pride in their arts department.

I liked the curriculum that they had but I think that the teachers and administration should have cared about the students more. We also have several sports teams, like varsity and junior varsity football, varsity and junior varsity boys and girls soccer, varsity, junior varsity and freshman volleyball, varsity and junior varsity baseball, varsity softball, sideline cheer, competitive cheer, wrestling and girls and boys varsity and junior varsity basketball.

Also, Clarenceville High has a numurous amount of amazing extracurricular activities to get involved in!

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The most popular after school activity is sports, but my favorite was marching band. My junior and senior year, i joined the drum line. Before every game, the drum line would get the crowed hyped up with our Trojan Cadence.


Honestly our football team sucks, but one of the main reason people come is to see our marching band perform pre-game and half-time. My favorite experience in high school had to be the marching band. The school has worked over the past couple years to make our school safer with updating our office, and teaching teachers how to protect their students if something was to happen.

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Senior Jan 3 Overall Experience Report. It’s a smaller school which helps you get to connectiln everyone, and all your teachers. Remind High School Sign Up.

It conhection good, I would change some things but over all most of the teachers and administration were caring and helpful. I love that I know everyone in my school on a first name basis, and that there are so many different diverse people to talk to. I also love that Clarenceville has vlarenceville foreign exchange student program because this gives the students the ability to learn about different cultures from around the world.

Niche User Apr 23 Teachers Report. The all watch students in the hallway to make sure everyone gets to class on connecion and engage in respecting conversations. What my my school unique was that it was a small school, but had wide variety of students. There are several cliques at my school.

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This event has a Google Hangouts video call. There are several extracurricular opportunities at my school, but I wish there were more.

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We have a lot of sports, but there isn’t as much student participation as you would think. Junior 4 months ago Overall Experience Report. Clarenceville is unique because not only are we our own district, we have a small knit group, and everyone knows each other.


They always had a high turn out of students and the trip was always interesting and fun. Student Congress organized all the schools social activities like the dances. The one thing I would change about Clarenceville is that I would make more activities we do as a school, such as talent shows and dances.

See attached directions on how to get you pin and password to Parent-Portal More Senior Oct 28 Overall Experience Report. Senior 7 months ago Overall Experience Report. I like that my peers are conbection and every one rocks to the beat of their own drum.

clarenceville homework connection

I have had a very satisfying experience at this school so far. The teachers are all very kind and helpful and are always willing to offer help when needed. There isn’t homewprk lot of student involvement though because I fee like most of the students don’t care about school so they don’t care about anything else that has to do with their school.

What I liked most at Clarenceville is how the school takes the most pride in their arts department. The teachers at my school are mostly very passionate about their careers.

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