• June 25, 2019

That love is certain to be tested. The owner of the Center Lovell Inn is running a contest to find its next owner. The decision was made, and Rose Adams heard the news on the morning of June 6 — between bites of an egg sandwich in a waterside apartment with spectacular views of Coral Bay. The Caribbean restaurant they run in St. She was managing a busy Maryland restaurant, wanted a change, and heard about an essay contest to win the inn.

A successful marriage requires passion, hospitality and commitment. The following is the winning essay in the contest for the keys of the Lovell Inn: The deal was done, and Sweet Plantains, their restaurant in St. The long process of refunding entry fees then began. The saga has not appeared to deter others. After The Boston Globe published his essay, one commenter accused him of breaking the rules by not writing a double-spaced piece. Wachs ended his contest after about a month because he did not receive enough.

My wife is the talented chef with a culinary degree, catering and restaurant management experience. However, the majority of the essay entrants that contact us with well wishes are fantastic.

‘Win an Inn’ essay contests invite headaches beyond words | The Seattle Times

Entries have to be postmarked before May 7, and the winner will be chosen before May Some want a more personal way to sell properties with sentimental value.

The Maine contest was supposed to have a seamless ending for Sage and the winner, Prince Adams. The following is the winning essay in the contest for the keys of the Lovell Inn: Undoubtedly our passion, hospitality and commitment is the perfect recipe for a successful marriage to the beautiful Center Lovell Inn and Restaurant.


He then held his own contest, hoping for a fast transaction and maybe some publicity on a local blog. The restaurant also will rely heavily on local, fresh foods, Prince said. There are a bed-and-breakfast in Virginia, a nine-room country inn in Vermont and a brick home in Ontario. The departing innkeeper, Janice Sage, won the bed and breakfast 22 years ago in much the same way. Jacob, Rose, and Prince Adams.

An earlier essay contest went nowhere.

center lovell inn maine essay contest

This contest is fortuitous since we now aspire to finally own a place outright; somewhere to share our love of fine food, great wines and entertaining with others. On another Facebook page, she keeps track of similar sweepstakes around the country.

‘Win an Inn’ essay contests invite headaches beyond words

A panel of anonymous cntest will decide the winner from 25 finalists chosen by the couple. Last winter, one of the harshest on record in New England, Janice Sage decided she no longer wanted to run the Maine inn she had owned for two decades.

The essays must be about why the contestant wants to own the inn.

center lovell inn maine essay contest

But more often than not, the dream of running a quaint essay contest runs into reality. Karim Lakhani, associate professor who studies online communities and contests at Harvard Business School, said social media and the Internet had made it easier for esway like these to reach a critical mass of people who are willing to pay a nominal fee for a chance.

Maine inn is yours for $ and a winning essay

But the online attention did not venter up to entries: Prince and Rose Adams wrote touchingly of marriage and hospitality for a global essay contest to win a year-old Maine inn.


When thoughts of retirement beckoned more than two decades cntest, Sage gave the formula another try. It determined Sage had run a game of skill, which is legal in the state, and not a game of luck like a lottery, which is not. And keep it short, it must be less than words.

The Center Lovell Inn has seven guestrooms, two dining rooms, and a screened-in wrap-around porch. The owner of the Center Wssay Inn is running a contest to find its next owner.

For now, the Brooklyn, N. But that is for another time.

In fact, Sage will return all the money if she doesn’t receive at least 7, entries. One essay detailed a willingness to start a home for injured war veterans; another wanted to turn the farm into a quilting studio, Berry said.

Brian MacQuarrie can be reached at macquarrie globe. Others hope a popular contest brings in more than they might make from a conventional sale.

In the end, he refunded the entry fees and sold his house the conventional way. It’s kind of a tradition. The contest had garnered national attention through television reports and newspaper articles; the version contfst across the Internet and social media and drew more than 7, entries, about the same number as in