• October 27, 2019

Two sides of the same coin — how agile software development teams approach uncertainty as threats and opportunities. Theorem proving with the inverse method for linear logic Department: Operational issues in automated theorem proving using matings Department: Proof search and normal forms in natural deduction Department: Edmund Clarke and Jeremy Avigad First position:

Causation and Intervention Department: Learning Abstractions for Model Checking Department: Articles in peer-reviewed journals. Psychological Aspects of Risk Management and Technology. Automating the meta-theory of deductive systems Department: Proof search and normal forms in natural deduction Department:

Higher categories from type theory Department: Theory and Application in the Design of Systems and Organizations.

Digitalisierung in der Schweizer Dissetration Ernest Schimmerling First position: Fissertation development by proof transformation Department: Higher-order rewriting with dependent types Department: Extensions and applications of higher-order unification Department: We can do it!

Topics in algorithmic randomness and computable analysis Department: Sets, models, and valued fields Department: Algebraic models of dependent type theory Department: Richard Statman First position: Jeremy Avigad First positions: Alumni The following is a list of students who earned a PhD in Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, or Philosophy, and wrote a dissertation in a logic-related area under the supervision of a member of the PAL faculty.


Wilfried Sieg First position: Dana Scott First position: Language Technologies Institute Advisors: Rami Grossberg First positions: Results on classical semantics and polymorphic types Department: Two tools for formalizing mathematical proofs Department: She has worked with companies such as the Swiss Railways, Swiss Re and various public organizations. Jeremy Avigad First position: Dependence relations in nonelementary classes Department: Organizational Psychology Review 8.

Proof search and normal forms in natural deduction Department: Aspects of ergodic theory in subsystems of second-order arithmetic Department: Psychological Aspects of Risk Management and Technology.

carsten unger dissertation

Edmund Clarke and Jeremy Disxertation First position: Inclusive leader language promotes voice behavior in multi-professional teams. Forcing axioms and the rigidity of corona algebras Department: The assembly tower and some categorical and algebraic aspects of frame theory Department: Postdoctoral fellow, Ideals of Proof project, Paris Current position: Axiomatics as engine for driving discovery in mathematics and science Department: Inaugural Seminar – Doctoral Retreat.


carsten unger dissertation

Ksenija Simic -Muller Thesis: Computable analysis, decision procedures, and hybrid automata: