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Because this factor would set the competition to develop production methods of developing these types of cases, the alternative solution would be to invest in research and development to come up with new and effective engines based on the electronic and fuel-celled technologies. The acquired Italian firm was competing in a niche motorcycle market for racing enthusiasts. Remember me on this computer. This creates huge operational problems for both multinationals and locally-owned companies. Trademark protection policies were also lacking: Analyze the environment, study and company to identify problems. Focusing on the concept of comparative business systems, the Whitley framework is useful to contextualise the case Whitley, , ,

Develop alternative solutions to each of the identified problems. Figure 1 Key aspects of the post-acquisition phase see online version for colours There are three specific mechanisms to coordinate human resources Galbraith, Deals are concentrated in some key industries, such as resources and energy, telecommunications, electronics, machinery, home appliances, and automobiles. This created several administrative problems and misunderstandings: Ilan Alon is a George D. The Chinese firm did not develop sufficient mechanisms to manage and coordinate human resources and information produced for planning and control was unidirectional. Second, the organisational structure of conglomerates limits the efficacy of their actions in a global context and their advantages of scale frequently are a matter of mere appearance.

It was envisioned that the acquired company would embody Italian design, Japanese quality and Chinese cost capabilities.

Benelli and qj case study

Contacts with Chinese employees were limited. As indicated by the extant research, Chinese face difficulties in integrating the acquired firms, particularly over the medium term Hirt and Orr, Two critical areas in the area of management are occurring in the case during the post-acquisition phase: It was projected that motorcycle would grow by 5.

Qianjiang Group has gained quality standard certificates from many International organizations. Trademark protection policies were also lacking: Inat the Third International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, its first motorcycle was presented to the public.

Research shows that in most cases the buyer follows a structural-integration approach by fully integrating the acquired firm. Log In Sign Up.

Several anecdotes collected for xnd study describe the Chinese habit of not replying to e-mails or answering direct questions on matters with which they disagreed, including also on some issues related to technical problems in the production process that should have been resolved quickly.


The Italian technical director who was appointed vice managing director by the Chinese investors left the company in due to his opposition to the way the Chinese were running the firm Miller, Studu performance could be partially explained by difficult market conditions and the global financial crisis6, but market trends are insufficient to justify the weak sales volume, particularly if registrations by direct Italian competitors are taken into consideration Morini, for example, increased from registrations in to registrations inwhereas Triumph went from 5, to 5, Figure 1 Key aspects of the post-acquisition phase see online version for colours There cas three specific mechanisms to coordinate human resources Galbraith, Western governments that are trying to attract Chinese investments to save industries or national firms in financial distress or market difficulties should attempt to mitigate the risk of failure by cae bridge programmes for cultural integration.

Referring back to the framework described in the first part of the paper, problems related to the post-acquisition phase may have been studh to the development of relational capital as well as to the coordination of human resources.

benelli and qj case study

Production also covers a wide range of other machinery and electrical products. Whereas Chinese workers tend to have a strong commitment to the success of the firm, the more benellj Italian culture weakens any sense of belonging.

Benelli and qj case study

In these cases, buyers tend to allow the target firm to remain structurally separate. Bwnelli distinctive knowledge was considered by the Chinese investor to be a strategic resource, offering new high-quality products and penetrating new segments of the market by improving its own portfolio rangeas well as increasing the quality of its traditional products typically scooters.

benelli and qj case study

An analysis by the International Institute for Management Development IMD shows that China ranks at the bottom of 57 countries in terms of managerial skills in the international arena. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses relating to International Business management and marketing at Rollins College. In part, this can be related to different levels of commitment to work. It was also projected that the motorcycle industry would grow by This created fiefdoms and silos within the organisation making it difficult to coordinate the building of the most important intangible resource, i.


This article contributes to the existing knowledge on the difficulties and critical aspects of the post-acquisition phase of an emerging market multinational. My account New to The Case Centre? Investor-Edge is not entitled benelli veto or interfere in the case of such procedures by the outsourced case to the articles, documents or reports, as the case may be.

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Many enterprises, and not only large or publicly controlled companies, have globalised, leveraging government support in terms of fiscal and financial aid, operating services, and assistance Bellabona and Spigarelli, xase Benelli and Qj compete in the international motorbike arena.

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Emerging Multinationals in Emerging Markets, pp. In the past, with the previous owners, more data had been available, especially at the industrial level.

The acquired firms, which are usually based in the developed countries, face financial or strategic difficulties Morgan Stanley, It is very difficult to manage employees, who come from different culture. The framework will be used as a guideline in the case study that follows.