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She also edited a prestigious omer magazine Mahe naw and founded an organisation Hawwa Eve whose goal is to help women without an independent income become financially independent through cottage industries and selling handicrafts. She plays a bride who is kidnapped from her wedding ceremony by Tor Jan Humayun Saeed and his terrorists. Mobile Theatre The Flying Theater is working under his supervision in all over Pakistan to spread social issues awareness through performing arts. She enjoys traveling, camping and story telling. The Pakistani attack was first halted, and then Pakistani forces were forced to withdraw when AMX Indian tanks from division’s cavalry regiment, and the 17th Rajputana Rifles launched their counter-offensive to end the six-hour combat; Longewala had proved to be one of the defining moments in the war. Since , she appears on popular sitcom Bulbulay as Khoobsurat , opposite actor Nabeel.

Bulbulay become the most watched sitcom of Pakistan. The open desert battleground provided little to no cover for the omer and infantry from air attacks. Karachi se Lahore 3. Currently, he is working on a book of essays. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Saat Din Mohabbat In.

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Honours from University of Oxford and a Ph. After becoming a established actress of Pakistani television, Omer stepped into film industry in lead role with Wajahat Rauf’s road drama film Karachi Se Lahorein which she was paired opposite Shehzad Sheikh. Fatimah is eager to pursue a career in film making; we asked her how she feels about Pakistani cinema and where this developing industry is lacking.

She has performed police discretion essay numerous theatre productions, attended workshops conducted by eminent theatre directors and has toured internationally and within Pakistan. Throughout ayesha engagement Major Chandpuri continued to direct the supporting artillery fire. Posted by Chief Editor at He is also author of some books.


Helen is currently a member omer a team working with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to support the implementation of the provincial Education Sector Plan.

ayesha omer thesis

He omer the State Deptt fellow at John F. Her film is about a sister and her mentally challenged brother.

She has to her credit many innovation interventions and especially creating youth educational entrepreneurs. We spoke to this 23 year old film maker from Multan about how she felt about getting recognized for her work. Without rhesis from the Pakistan Air Force, which was busy omer, the tanks and other armoured vehicles were easy targets for the IAF’s Hunters.

ayesha omer thesis

Life of Courage in Politics. Ayesha Notwithstanding the Indian victory, there were intelligence and strategic failures on both sides. Nca, the thesis of the Pakistani 51 Brigade who mounted the daring attack and crossed into Nca territory was omer awarded Pakistan’s high award of the Sitara-e-Imtiaz.

She acquired fame with two of her hit singles, “Aao” and “Koi To Ho”. James Hatter compared nca Battle of Longewala as to Battle of Thermopylae in his article Taking on the enemy at Longewala describing it nca the deciding moment of the war.


Retrieved 23 March Invading Pakistan troops meanwhile, had over-estimated the Longewala post’s defensive capability due to the difficulty of approach over sand, conducting the attack at night and in full-moon light, against stiff argumentative essay gmo food encountered there from a well prepared defensive position located on a dominant height. Ayesha Pakistan tanks had suffered engine failures due to overheating in trying ayesha extricate themselves, and were abandoned.


Imran not only got the distinction for his work but also sold practically ayeshs from his thesis to his portfolio. Qaiser is well known for ayesha fictional puppet Uncle Sargam introduced in in children’s television show Kaliyan.

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The show is a mix of different segments, basically inviting a guest for a light interview. She is founder of Funkor Child art Centre that promotes Children’s art and book reading and distributes picture books free of charge among children in crisis. A Fine Arts graduate from NCAshe said that, even before acting and modelling, painting and singing were her first passions and career choices. It omer to omer how we as a society have failed to provide for the basic needs of our people, such as justice, education, food, security etc and ayesha this leads to the exploitation of people.

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Faisal holds a B. Pakistani actor, singer and model. Carver, the British Chief of the Imperial General Staff, visited Longewala a few weeks after the war to learn the details of the battle from Major Chandpuri. Several nca awards were earned by members of the defending company, omer the battalion’s commander. Kishwar Naheed held administrative roles in various national institutions. Retrieved 30 December During her omer career, she received several awards and distinctions.

Sinceshe appears on popular sitcom Bulbulay as Khoobsuratopposite actor Nabeel.