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Baunan-n-Place of burial; grave; se-. The Doctrina was written in Spanish and two transcriptions of Tagalog; one in the ancient, then-current Baybayin script and the other in an early Spanish attempt at a Latin orthography for the language. Apellahan ang usap nt-To appeal. Dibdib n-Breast, Di buo ang loob-a-Half-hearted. Alayanv To offer one’s love. Itaybay-n Shore; strand, lim-it, border, edge, da qat n Shore; beach sea shore sea-coast; sea side, Bayara n-vi-To pay; recompence, corn, pensate, retribute, idemnify, reward, fee, liquidate a debt, nai di-‘-Repay, pay again, nfflaqpos -v-Overpay.

Hagulgol-n-Flood of tears, mourning. Hurmawakv-To clasp clutch hold, have. Hatdan ng viatico aug may sakit r-to administer sacraments. Ibilango v-To imprison; arrest, confine; shut up. Once you’re happy with ther quote and delivery date – you can approve the job for translation instantly. For example, when a person refers to the number “seven”, it can be translated into Tagalog as ” pito ” or ” siyete ” Spanish:

Hanapin v-To search; look for, find, hunt. Banhain-‘v-To fra me; begin work. Northern exemplified by the Bulacan dialectCentral including ManilaSouthern exemplified by Batangasand Marinduque.


Gantutin-v-To dlotor-cure; heal, inend; remedy – Gatnoganio-nHorseflV dragon fly.

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Idatay-v-To stretch; unfold; expand. Hapis-n Gloom; sadness; grief; pain; ache; anxiety; hardship; disgust; sorrow: It is suggested that teachlers would do well to make tl: Hiyaw-n Shout cry; seream: Huad-n-Counterfeit; copy; forgery; imitation- likeness; transcript: Di mnaka-sisira a-Ilarmnless; pure. Tagalog is also spoken natively by inhabitants living on the islands of Marinduque and Mindoroas well as Palawan to a lesser aunng.

G’anti-n Revenige; reward, recompelice, gratification, satisfaction, trilimlil, remuneration, coinl ensatioin, retri – but ion, jpreiiiuii, honor, amiends, fte, wages, stipend, salary, payment glory, requital, imeed expiation.

Batik-n Stain- spot; blot; blemish.

Husay-n Order, regulation array. Alayanv To offer one’s love. Bungo n Clalsh; collision, knock, blow. Butihiair-To better; Make goodl or better.

Busog a-Full; satiated; satisfied. Batiin-r-To salute; greet; halloo; repri; mandl; rebuke; chide.

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Hantungan-n-Halting place; stay so journ; habitation. Hiyas-n Ornament; adornment; trimming, furniture. Arnoin —v To tame flatter; coax; wheedle. Danmdarnitiv-To suffer; grieve; feel; perceive.

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This is lowering the chances that the outsourcing industry will succeed in its effort to employ close to 1m people, tagalot for 8. Hindi sagrado-a-Profane, not sacred. Hangin sa araw-n Eastwind.


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Daluhungin-iv To assail; attack, a. Huag ipagkaloob-v-To refuse; deny. Aralani-v To instruct; teach; advise; educate; drill; inform; apprentice.

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Ibuluak v-To pour; spill; leak. Gawaan-n-Manufactury; factory – Ga’s aarig hunhangYn Foppe- y; inmprudence, folly; foolishiness.

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It says, “As a human you reach me, I treat you as a human and never act as a traitor. We offer a range of services for the legal services industry including document translation for contracts, patents, essah documents, and compliance documentation in over languages. The pain in the pinkie is felt by the whole body. Ibitin-v-To suspend; hang up. Hagdanan n-Staircase; stairway, steps, ladder; stile.