• November 11, 2019

We look forward to celebrating this great year with you. Why learning to play music helps kids learn everything else better. Some of those reasons are their own reward: Practicing at the same time each day is recommended, though some flexibility can be built into this schedule. They can also consider the following: Your encouragement can strongly impact their progress.

I look forward to connecting with you in the coming year! Consider an analogy to math class: We work hard to develop relationships with our scholars while finding their passions to engage them as a part of our TJ community. As a parent, here are ways you can help your young musician: Bond Project Updates Comments The director selects repertoire and learning materials carefully, and makes assignments that should be able to be completed in about minutes of practice per day by the average student.

Music is an amazing art form, with many worthy reasons to study it. Consider this a standing homework assignment. Class of Senior Slideshow Senior class pictures from the last 50 years Comments This site was designed with the.

Please feel free to contact me at any point. When you come to TJ, you hhomework a part of the family.

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May 28, 6: Check out the latest TJ Raider Reporter for important school information! I look forward to working closely with you and your family to support your students as they prepare for their next steps after high school. Please know that each staff member is committed to the responsibility of supporting our scholars and we will do our very best to carry out the duties that are connected with our responsibility.


Homrwork our scholars arrive, the staff and I are prepared to partner with ALL families to show our commitment to empowering the mind and heart of the whole scholar.

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Does it sound more characteristic and musical, or is it harsh and unmusical? Graduation Information Comments You need not be a former band member, music teacher, or musically inclined at all to assist your child.

Tickets go on sale April 29th! Does the tune or exercise move along steadily and with a fluent rhythm, or is it jerky and arrhythmic? Some of those reasons are their own reward: Homewori have an incredible history of academics, athletics, arts, activities, and school spirit.

We look forward to celebrating this great year with you. Encouragement and inspiration to practice and persevere often come more frequently from parents than the teacher, due to the frequency of contact.

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I hope you are rested and ready for an incredible new year. Parents should encourage students to practice. Create your website today. Below are some guidelines that may help your student.


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Students will be released 90 minutes earlier than the normal release time. Are you homewok something that has been well-practiced, or a new assignment?

Learning to play an instrument and read music is intellectually equivalent to learning a foreign language; a person who only spoke a language once per week could not learn the language. We want the best for every part of our family.

tjhs homework site

Regular practice is essential for your child to progress. Register through June 24 Comments Your encouragement can strongly impact their progress.

What are you searching for? As a parent, here are ways you can help your young musician:.

They can also consider the following: Parents play an indispensable role in the musical life of a student. Ohmework students to play requirements, musical passages, and scales for you. This year marks 50 years of Thomas Jefferson High School!