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We can see this through his search for a place to live. In saying this, Najaf is willing to overcome their differences and ask for help from an Iranian. The Taliban express their hatred for everything from music, to clean-shaven men. In a sense these schemes are providing refugees with a new life. Sometimes our experiences of persecution and indiscriminate violence vindicate our system of moral values and our faith, thus reinforcing what is important and significant in our lives.

This idea of being impacted by where we are raised is very prominent in western society also, albiet in a slightly different manour. The first of these, Afghanistan, is where Najaf Mazari was born and raised. Uncharacteristically, he resorts to violence and smashes a window after his brother locked himself in a room and the glass cuts his hand. Gorg Ali was a constant source of solace and guidance and after his death Najaf finds it difficult to work, live and breathe. In his case, he also believes that he has triumphed because of his faith in a benevolent God and the fact that values of truth, humility and peace will eventually triumph over adversity and brutality. Najaf was not one of these men.

This is just a sample. When he is forced to remain in bed because of his injured leg from the rocket attack, he thinks about essaay life and his relationship with God. It is the same scenario when asked if he is a student.

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Things such as Credit cards are magic to him. As a Hazara he would have been mindful of their precarious position and the fact that he may well need to become the breadwinner.

His ability to constantly withstand one crisis after another renews his faith in God and reinforces his optimistic outlook on life. The reason I bring this point up is the capture of Najaf by the Taliban, during a time when the Taliban where at full strength. Throughout all the havoc the war was causing, Najaf never lost his true self nor the dreams and aspirations he was longing for to become reality.


Things that many people in western culture take for granted, such as a shower, amaze Najaf. Friends of mine have impacted on the thngs I like and dislike. Accessed May 22, To get a unique essay Hire Writer. Najaf describes Gorg Ail in the text as a gentle person, contrary to most Afghani fathers who offered a tougher, more realistic outlook on life in Afghanistan.

Whether he got into Australia or not was not in his means. Ruhmaker at the wider world we realise that najaf is not the only refugee, far from it. A limited time offer! Very similar methods of learning are shared edsay myself and Najaf in our early lives, although the teachings may be different. Resources include a workbook program that helps students improve their analytical vocabulary and their persuasive and reasoning skills.

Najaf faced the cultural problem of terms; he only understood things on a superficial level. Najaf describes Gorg Ali rrugmaker the sort of person who holds things together. Click to learn more https: Life becomes much more complicated for Najaf due to his lack of self-reliance. For me, in my life this was Dilworth. When Gorg Ali dies, Najaf must shoulder more responsibility, which provides another perspective.

He recounts the harrowing escape the refugees had over land and sea, each step of the way, risking capture or death.


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When captured, Najaf was tortured brutally and describes his feelings as not caring esay I live or die. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot!

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Although I can say that the effects would rugamker not be positive and recovery would be long and slow, as if exiting the worst sort of depression imaginable. The fact that he adhered to his choices and prioritized his happiness and personal fulfillment reveals much about his courage and confidence. We can see that the relationship between refugees from different countries is not the most pleasant.

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This becomes frustrating for Najaf, who becomes increasingly intollarible of things stating I began to miss having my problems in the hands of others as they were in Woomera. In saying this Gorg Al ultimately succeded as Najaf was able to take this hope gven to him and put it towards the goal of living a better and safer life, which he was able to achieve.

The Taliban express their hatred for everything from music, to clean-shaven men. He draws attention to one particular case of a fellow Afghani, who he believes was completely genuine.

the rugmaker essay

Najaf describes how many of the refugees in the detention centre live in constant fear of being deported to the country that caused them so much trauma.