• November 7, 2019

Dash, Subhashree Priyadarsini Nonoxido and oxido vanadium complexes featuring O- and N- donor ligands in relation to biological and catalytic activities. Sahu, S Non-linear forced vibration analysis of axially functionally graded tapered beam with various end conditions. Sethi, Durjyodhan Hydrodynamic analysis of different textured profile thrust bearing. Maurya, Gaurav Analysis of gyroscopic effects in rotor disc systems. Gouda, J N Numerical and experimental investigations on vibration of delaminated composite shell.

Mahato, Subham Expanded graphite fortified magnesia-carbon refractories: Hembrom , Shivani Analysis of aged insulating oil for early detection of incipient fault inside the high voltage equipment. Kumar N, S Power quality issues and its mitigation techniques. Gundeti, V Quality of service of wireless optical networks. Jamal, Md Ashraf Analysis and classification of EEG signals using mixture of features and committee neural network. Parveen, Rasheda Religion and Sexuality: Pani, Debasmita Effect of si doping and e-glass fiber addition on physicochemical and mechanical properties of calcium phosphate cement.

Roy, Abhisek Modification of trip generations following formation of a new district: Karthic, K Targeting epigenetic regulator histone deacetylase 6 in the treatment of cancer cancer: Moghekar, Deepak Project Report On Modeling and simulation of gas-liquid interfacial area in three phase fluidized and nti bed. Patnaik, Manaswinee Boundary shear stress distribution in meandering channels.


Rana, Hemanta Kumar Dynamic analysis of fixed-fixed beams. Gupta, Vivek Boundary layer studies on rough flat plates under negative pressure gradient. Baliarsingh, Avaya Kumar Prediction of fatigue crack propagation life in single edge notched beams using tthesis model.

Sahu, Madhusmita Computation of dynamic slices of aspect oriented programs. Stress Intensity Factor Calculations. Singh, Manas Ranjan A study on flexible flow shop and job shop scheduling using meta-heuristic approaches.

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Maharana, Ashutosh Application of Digital Fingerprinting: Tirkey, Sanjeeb Kumar Three dimensional analysis of lateral extrusion of some complex forms. Towards Logic Circuits and Memory Applications. Kumar, D Pradeep Investigations on shunt active power filter for power quality improvement. Baranwal, A K An approach for shaped-beam pattern synthesis with spherical antenna array.

Optimization of Tensile Strength. Sagar, V V V Lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware architecture. Nagarjuna, M Voltage quality and power quality factor improvement using active power line conditioner. Arka, G N Optimization of the machining parameters for ultrasonic vibration assistedturning of hard material. Meher, Janhabi Rainfall and runoff estimation using hydrological models and Ann techniques.

TripathySungyani Load carrying capacity of skirted foundation on sand. S, Gayathri Evaluation of coordinated and non-coordinated public transport in urban area. Mishra, Surabala Structural, electronic and optical Properties of chalcopyrite type Semiconductors. Prasad, Priya Development of dolomite bricks with positive plc. Gundeti, V Quality of service of wireless optical networks.


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Guntupalli, Ramesh A verilog-based simulation methodology for estimating power and area. Kaur, Kamaljeet Fuzzy logic based control of variable speed cage wind generation system. Sachan, Apurva Implementation of homomorphic encryption technique. Kumar, R On the use of software metrics. Samal, C Application of fractional frequency reuse technique for cancellation of interference in heterogeneous cellular network.

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Subhash, A K Damage detection in beams. JhaAmit Kumar Free vibration analysis of sandwich panel.

phd thesis nit rourkela

Patro, Brundaban Eulerian modeling of gas-solid multiphase flow in horizontal pipes. George, Nithin V S Transform: Tiwari, A Performance comparison of cache coherence protocol on multi-core architecture.

Mohanty, Suranjan Modelling of hard turning process. Dash, Amalendu Direct torque control of switched reluctance motor drives.