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ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Goma Hospital is located at the base of Mt Goma, and was the only public hospital that remained open during the crisis. Nyiragongo, seismic activity continues, focusing under the southern flank of the volcano. Thousands of people spent the night in safety on Mt Goma, where an unparalleled view of the eruption was obtained. A scientific risk assessment will be needed to constrain the hazards from a lava eruption in Goma and an eruption within Lake Kivu, as well as other types of events. In the remotest villages, e. This support will continue for approximately three years.

The epidemiological surveillance programme showed a large increase in total attendances at the two hospitals and 18 functioning primary health care centres after the eruption Fig. Primary health clinics are the main access points for health care. Meteosat-8 Images Met-8, 12 July , The speed and scale of the influx of these ethnic Hutus overwhelmed the world’s response capacity. Global change Unit 1: A visit to the town of Masisi was made to learn more about the impact of ash falls from the volcanoes on human and animal health. The fluoride concentration on 21 January was measured at 4.

The largest was Itig camp near the airport, containing around people, where the houses were made from recycled galvanized metal sheets collected from the lava flow debris Fig. The fires were clearly most intense in the main lava flow that struck the commercial centre.

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Complex justifications are developed. Mass casualty planning for the future eruption scenarios acse above is not feasible in this setting. The eruptions of both volcanoes exhibit the same classical effusive and mildly explosive activity characterized by the opening of long, gaping fissures through which lava emerges at different locations, and these emissions merge to form lava flows several hundred metres wide.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

Location Maps – Country maps for your reports and presentations. The team worked with representatives from international organizations and local authorities to consider possible shelter response options.

Nevertheless, most of those who left got away before late evening. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide. A risk assessment should ideally be completed before the end of People who were unable to collect water from the piped system after the eruption would have taken water from the lake. Fluoride is unlikely to have been a major health hazard in the area before – there is no obvious evidence of dental fluorosis amongst the population, which would be expected with chronic contamination of water with fluoride levels of ppm and above WHO Guideline Value: Why did aid agencies ignore all their rhetoric about responding to the needs of people, and just give what they thought the people needed, not what they said they wanted?


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We interviewed three hospital doctors, one of whom was a foreign surgeon attached to an NGO, who had continued working in Goma Hospital in nyirabongo days during and after the eruption. Evacuation is nearly impossible as the Constructive margin in LEDCvolcanic ash prevents jets from nyidagongo off andthe runway is covered in a lava flow.

It erupted over 20 times in the nyirzgongo Century and its crater also held a lava lake until Latrine pits should be dug deeper, but investigation of their porosity and contamination of the lake is needed.

The other hazards include the delayed explosion of flammable stores, intensely hot lava flows emitting steam in heavy rains, strong earthquakes leading to building collapse, the methane explosions, no means of sterilizing drinking water, raised fluoride levels near the lake water intakes for the city, lack of food and fuel, continuing movement of lava and extruded tongues of lava from lateral vents, and the unpredictability of the whole situation.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

Following further conflict, from Nov, nearly half a million Rwandan returnees from studyy five Goma camps entered Rwanda through Gisenyi on their way back to their communes. This was a self-evacuation in the middle of an eruption, rather than a planned one on the basis of advice from the GVO. Food security in the occupied Palestinian territory. Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic fruption Congo: The aid response, both by the UN and NGOs, focused on this loss of shelter, and defined entitlement to assistance according to its loss.


In some places short tongues of pahoehoe lava flowed from the sides of the main flows into topographical depressions and ignited nearby houses Fig.

mount nyiragongo eruption 2002 case study

Occupants have to pay to have the pits emptied. The patients are normally expected to pay stkdy hospital and health clinic treatment, though charges for health care were wavered in the two months after the eruption, when use of the facilities markedly increased as a result.

The scientific institute in which the GVO is embedded does not appear to be functioning. Primary country Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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It is a fundamental part of making a risk assessment and devising mitigation measures. The safety of this procedure at Lake Kivu with such a large population at risk living around the lake would need to be established. An essential task for this group would be to define the eruptive scenarios and estimate their probabilities using elicitation and expert judgement methods, as was undertaken for the Montserrat volcanic 0202.

The relatively small loss of life in eduption January eruption less than deaths in a population ofwas remarkable, and psychological stress was reportedly the main health consequence in the aftermath of the eruption.

Relief agencies may be very reluctant, on valid safety grounds, to enter Goma to provide chlorinated water supplies, in which case the risk of cholera outbreaks will be high in this scenario. A service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since If we had given money There is abundant evidence from around the globe that post-disaster economies revive quickly if everyone has a little money to spend.