• August 14, 2019

It looks like JustCloud took notice of these complaints, because they have implemented a few changes and updates by adding more functionality to their services, improving their security and stability, which turned them into a more reliable cloud backup service for personal and small business use. A definite zero stars. That should give people reason to wonder about the company. When I sign into JustCloud via my laptop I get a message saying that my account has expired and I cannot access any files. I can make it private so only the client the pictures is meant for can see it and they can share it with their friends. At this point I am not hopeful that this will be resolved since they only respond to my complaints once a month.

Their web site has a button to stop automatic renewal payments, but guess what, I does not work. I tried reinstalling the program only to have my anti-virus inform me that the installation file is a Trojan of the Artemis variation, and the site which the software is downloading from is not trustworthy. Just looking at the emails they are clearly dishonest. When I complained they simply blocked my account. Despite this, there would still be a notice that I was out of space and needed to purchase more. As your service was not as I expected, I had never the intention to keep subscribed after those 3 years. This data still existed on the server but the files themselves were gone.

However, recently my computer crashed and was garbage. Horrible product and whoever manages it is a complete douche.


I have been waiting busihess over two months now for this company to restore files which I have been paying them to back up. All of this leads me to think to myself:. Justcloud does not perform as advertised. Also, upon my refund going through, I promptly cancelled my paypal payment subscription to JustCloud.

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They supposedly lost my data and then have been unable to restore it in 6 months. Be aware that they deactivated the key to cancel automatic renewals on their website!!! Totally useless and a scam. It is a good backup file for all of my videos, notes, pictures and more. I recently purchased a new laptop to replace an aging model. Same logo, same interface, etc.

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Do I have to go through every individual photo and video and download them? On top of that, opening a file from JustCloud sends it to your downloads folder. Do not go anywhere near them.

I really like this because I actually travel and I cannot always bring my laptop with me somewhere. Now they just ask for money to renew my account.

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Over 2 months now Justcloud. I uploaded almost 1GB of my data, all of which is lost. When I downloaded it again, I got an email from them saying that I had unauthorized uploads that were not paid for in my subscription. Thank you for reading.

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However, it seems I had an easier time cancelling than one of the previous reviewers. They have been unable to retrieve any of my files after a hard drive crash. Two years ago I was offered a low unadvertised rate to stay with them after I was experiencing problems when they update their software.


Your Rating about JustCloud Clear. JustCloud is a fraud! That’s my my 2 cents about Plaan.

Many pllan up programs that I have come across in the past have kept me from saving multiple file types, therefore forcing me to convert them or not save them at all. I have been using your product for a while now and have some feed back. I would not recommend JustCloud. After this permission, any changes that you may make to your certain file, JustCloud will automatically backup any new information and files added so you do not have to worry about saving anything or forgetting.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can publish your articles. These guys are unethical and their business practices border on criminal.

In the past few months they have updated servers or something, and lost a lot of data.

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They are also expensive, especially with OneDrive amd GoogleDrive around nowadays.