• July 11, 2019

I’m sorry I was stupid on Valentine’s Day. I love this verse so, so much, and you write so incredibly well- I keep forgetting to leave a comment, but seriously, you deserve appreciation for this. I wound up sleeping on Wyatt’s floor because I don’t want to catch anything. Now on Halloween the family experience a weird message from a supposedly dead Blaine and learn a secret that he’s been hiding. He said to tell you that they all understood why you had to leave, and that they miss you. I hope the studying is going well! Luckily Kurt is in there too to calm him down.

The echoes and the repeat through the dark of not really being there. I loved the way she took care of Blaine, and the scene where he woke up and she was singing made me have a case of the melancholy sads. Professor Bennett just frowned at him as the teen slipped into his seat with a whispered apology. Anonymous on February 28th, But now her price is fall’n.

He closes his eyes and breathes, for one second, easier than he has in some time. Blaine gets the stomach flu.

homework flu glee fanfic

Will they be able to overcome their challenges or will those challenges tear their family apart? Before Kurt could wrap his mind around the statement Blaine continued.

FIc: “Sick Day” 1/1

So much for not being a burden. The pause before a breath speaks.

homework flu glee fanfic

Read about it here! Kurt kept thinking that not only was he going to miss an ungodly amount of school, his crush was seeing him at his absolute worst.


A Mending of the Tears – Pre-Kurt/Blaine – Fingers To Words

He came down with it a few days ago. Had flu once in my life. They’re have ups and downs, have some crazy times, and have to help each other through the difficult moment. But, I’m glad if the fic resonates, basically ; Thank you for reading it! Blaine looked like he was half asleep. He needs a nanny. The look on Finn’s face when his mother shook her head was comically tragic. This Means War reviews Recently divorced successful fashion designer, Kurt Hummel is just trying to move on with his life.

Once Upon a Time – Rated: Will it ever emerge out into the open? In all honesty he does know that Kurt is the foundation of Blaine’s life, that Blaine’s confidence is located not in his own constitution but in Kurt’s. Rachel and Santana were out, so it was just him and Kurt there. Edited at Oh, but he now had some things to tease Blaine with when he felt better.

His stomach turned over and his eyes were swimming, but he took a slow, deep breath to get passed it so that he could listen to Kurt. He turns his head, looks across, keeps looking for some time too drowsily confused to do much else, until the muscles in the arm over him tighten and loosen, and Blaine makes a little noise next to the pillow.


He’d let Blaine sleep, since Blaine so clearly needed it, but in the meantime he could help his friend by gathering up his homework assignments and putting them on Blaine’s desk. Healing reviews Post Break Up – Blaine can’t take it anymore and wants to end the pain, but he can’t do it without leaving a message for Kurt.

Dental Dilemma reviews Prompt: D’aww, sweetie, you’re too kind. Glad to see you had a moment to breathe!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This is so incredibly sweet! Blaine is allergic to Lord Tubbington Glee – Rated: I like it all: I like ylee people, it makes me feel better, less useless. Signs by Waiting-for-a-mad-man-inb reviews Deaf! When it’s someone else’s tongue in his mouth and someone else’s heart in his chest, what happens to Blaine’s love?