• April 7, 2020

Useful resource February 23, There is some annotation evident to illustrate how the package was tailored for a particular purpose or to indicate the purpose of sections of code in a program listing. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Paper 2 this paper will consist of a variable number of compulsory questions, each of which will be based around a scenario and which will develop a theme through a number of graded parts to the question. CIE are happy to rely on the professionalism of teachers to ensure fairness with this work. Appropriate evidence of development, testing and implementation, such as screen dumps of photographs of screen layouts and printouts, paper based user documentation and a letter from the third-party user to say that the system has been developed satisfactorily, must support the report.

For full marks the guide should be well presented rather than just a collection of items. This evidence may be in the form of hardcopy output possibly including screen dumps , photographs or VHS video. Computer Studies Changes to syllabus for Administrator November 26, at 4: Book for the new syllabus of computer science has not been published yet. Recommended Prior Knowledge Candidates should have studied Section 1.

COMPUTING 9691 Advanced Subsidiary Level

This paper will be set according to the content of section 1 of the syllabus. Most of the necessary items have been covered including a detailed discussion of alternative approaches.

Now the confusion is choosing the subject between Computing or Computer Science Marks may be lost for inadequate descriptions of some options. So I request u to atleast give me the name,auther,edition or any related things about new book.

Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

Paper 2 Fundamental Problem-solving and Programming Skills — written paper. The program should be self-documenting. After approval of the draft,the computing and computer studies are being stopped from instead the computer science and have been introduced.


It is the responsibility of the candidates to produce evidence of their development work and for producing a test plan for the system. There is little evidence of testing with a badly developed test plan with clear omissions.

Administrator February 5, at 3: The Advanced Subsidiary syllabus consists of teaching sections 1 and 2 only, and the Advanced Level syllabus consists of all four teaching sections. Note Related Articles Useful resource February 23, You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

computing 9691 coursework

Candidates will answer on lined paper. However, this list is not exhaustive and coputing a candidate would like to use another language there should not be a problem, but Centres are advised to contact CIE Customer Services to ensure that another language is acceptable before beginning the work.

There should be a clear statement of requirements, agreed with the prospective user.

computing 9691 coursework

Some discussion about a number of the objectives set out in a iibut some omissions or inadequate explanation of success or failure. These would include input format with screens displays, print options, back-ups file integrity routinessecurity cmoputing access to data and a guide to common errors that may occur.

In u can only appear for AS exam if u want to take computer science This paper will be set according to the content of Section 3 of the syllabus, but will also assume knowledge learned in Section 1. This section also provides candidates with understanding of the following aspects of computer systems: The computing project may involve programming or the tailoring of generic software packages and may also involve the choosing and installing of hardware.

The marked projects will be moderated by CIE. All data declarations should have explanatory comments; identifiers should have meaningful variable names; programs, functions and procedures should be clearly named, well separated and fully commented; suitable indentation should be used to set out the programming constructs used.


The registered schools were given a draft of the new syllabus almost 2 years ago. Provides candidates with further opportunity to extend skills, knowledge and understanding of computing concepts and deep understanding of Database, Networking, Hardware and Troubleshooting.

Diilah January 31, at No omission of any coursrwork the options available including backup routines, guide to common errors. The report demonstrates a thorough analysis of the system to be computerised.

CIE Scheme of Work – AS & A Level Computing , By: Zafar Ali khan

Subject to satisfactory performance such candidates are then only required to take the final part of the assessment referred to in this syllabus as A2 leading to the full A-Level.

In addition, an informative diary, or log, of problems encountered has been kept. In your case it will be computing Coursewoek is important to stress that the candidate should endeavour to produce a system which is nontrivial and which will solve a given problem sensibly within the constraints of resources available to the candidate. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Teachers are expected to give educational guidance during the design process but the work submitted must be the candidate’s own.