• May 15, 2020

It shows the name of the brand in noticeable red colour and the red crown represents the energy and power of it as it is an action camera. My poster and video ad theme are compilation of videos and photos that I took during my trips and adventures. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. It is more powerful for promotion. However, there are few reasons why I did not add too much effects, animations or used any script. Registration Forgot your password?

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. I just need to think about the name for it. This site uses cookies. What makes you unique? Below is the tape log file I created before I begin with editing the video: For this reason, I created a very simple poster that will speak for itself:

At the moment, I have not heard anything from them.

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However, now in the modern days that technology changed our views — Social Media became part of our courssework. CommunityForums, twitter, youtube forums, University, lesson video, facebook youtbe.

The logo of the camera is also 3313 as it represents the product as a whole. After logging the videos that I have chosen, I created a storyboard to help me visualize my advert. Refers to the strategic. I did some research about brand names for the camera that I will be advertising.

The reason behind it was because I have been thinking of using my other action camera which is the lightest version of GoPro. Since I have started working on with my poster editing, there are plenty of ideas that came in to my mind.


Adding too many transitions is distracting and could create an impact on the flow of the video. I have created the logo for Rush as simple as it can be The idea behind this logo is very simple. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. I used the technique of Tape logging as I review the videos.

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Watching the video-ads gave me different ideas for my coursework. For this reason, I created a very simple poster that will speak for itself: Watch the video below: I discussed this idea to my lab tutor and he thinks that it sounds like a great idea and it will be convenient for me especially if the 331 are available and my friend is willing to support me.

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Is Social Media a Fad? Firstly, referencing to what I wrote in my social networking plan; the way to promote the camera is to show what it can do and the videos 33331 from it. The storyboard below is generally thought to provide a better overview of the project.

But, participating does not. Skydiving, Basketball and Cycling.

cmt 3331 coursework 1

What are you an expert in? Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention. It consist of writing the file name, time stamp and comments section to make it easier for me to locate the story that I am aiming for and to coursewotk on what appropriate edit to make.


cmt 3331 coursework 1

As the Social Media page is used to promote and gather feedbacks from the audience. The name and slogan being at the bottom next to the camera shows that it is used to capture the video.

Published by Vincent Warren Modified over 3 years ago. Cheung sai lung M 2. As you might noticed, the camera I used in this poster is different. Weekly update web contact. During the creation of the website, I have not found any difficulties on compiling the videos as the tape log file helped me to distinguished the scenes that I will be using. My friend who is into motorcycle and has his own also volunteered to be my model for the print-ads or even video-ads if needed.

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I have also research about the background music that I will be using on my video advert and I have found the perfect instrumental music from a YouTube uploader.